SLCM revolutionizes agri-logistics with a groundbreaking listing platform, under its ongoing Agri Reach digital platform

This one-stop digital platform currently has 100000+ listings and aims to increase this figure to 500000+ by the end of the year

National, 1st June, 2023 – SLCM, a global post-harvest Agri-Logistics company, has launched its proprietary listing platform under Agri Reach Application. This platform has enlisted every stakeholder involved in the agricultural ecosystem-from Loaders, Truckers, Warehouses, Financers, Packaging Material Providers, Traders, Processors, Retailers, and Millers to Exporters. It aims to provide a one-stop destination akin to a shopping complex but for those in the field of agriculture, making it ideal for those seeking in-house solutions for all their agri-needs.

Through this endeavor, SLCM proposes to create a ‘highway’ to ‘complete digitization,’ enabling agriculture stakeholders to streamline their day-to-day operations by leveraging the power of this cutting-edge platform. Simply put, this platform is an embodiment of the Phygital initiative of SLCM. It provides for a comprehensively integrated and collaborative network-provisioned architecture for a future-ready agricultural ecosystem. It consolidates the erstwhile scattered components of the industry into one interactive and collaborative network onto a platform that is carefully planned, flexible, and adaptable so that it can accommodate any changes in the future.

Mr. Prashant Sharma, the Head of the Technology division, said, “This cutting-edge platform sets itself apart by leveraging technological innovation and offering a comprehensive solution to all stakeholders in the agricultural ecosystem. With a focus on seamless integration and user-centric design, our platform transforms the listing experience, providing complete details of each category and facilitating close collaboration and networking of different agri services and products. This opens up further avenues for future changes in the ecosystem, laying the foundation for enhanced efficiency and collaboration within the agricultural sector”.

The platform ensures highest standards of transparency in terms of information availability and accessibility. This element is an integral part of SLCM’s initiative to integrate and standardize an otherwise scattered sector. The platform utilizes advanced technological tools like AI, ML, and Data Analytics while ensuring that the user experience is optimized and easy.

Mr. Sandeep Sabharwal, Group CEO of Sohan Lal Commodity Management, said, “Technology and innovation are the cornerstones of SLCM. This platform will allow the desired service to reach those working on the ground by bridging the gap between their offerings and the digital ecosystem. From the bottom up, this platform will assist in building an online directory of all stakeholders and participants in the sector.”

Currently, the platform has 100,000+ listings, and the goal is to increase this to 500,000+ by the end of the financial year. Besides just mere listing, the platform provides complete details of the offerings of each category with a backend to ensure a culmination of an inquiry into the physical delivery of the service /product.

While the listing platform is immediately accessible through the mobile apps that can be downloaded from Google & Apple store, whereas the web portal is scheduled to go live soon. The brand has also planned BTL activities, including social media awareness through YouTube videos, WhatsApp, distribution of flyers, and more.

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