Smytten launches new campaign #SabTryKaro encourages Gen-Z consumers to explore product trials

~The campaign aims to address real life buying issues by giving consumers the option to try it all on the Smytten app ~

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National, 5th September 2022: Smytten, India’s largest tech-enabled D2C product discovery & trial platform, launches its latest campaign, #SabTryKaro. The campaign is a video series of three brand films that address real-life buying and consumption issues of consumers in a world full of unlimited choices. The campaign encourages Gen-Z and millennials to try it all on the Smytten app and make informed buying decisions instead of listening to unsolicited advice from everyone around them. Smytten’s trial offering provides a solution to consumers’ dilemmas while shopping, by encouraging them to get trial products before investing their hard-earned money in full-sized products.

The videos feature situations from a consumer’s everyday environment such as in a gym or salon or even inside their own home. We all come across people around us who upsell something or the other which always leaves us confused and also influences our buying decision. The campaign’s theme is derived from this insight and how Smytten plays a role in helping consumers make independent purchase decisions by trying everything available in the market.

The tonality of the films, aimed at the GenZ and millennial audience, follows a slice-of-life narrative with a quirky twist. The protagonists are in their 20’s busy in their daily routines when they are approached by different acquaintances coming up with their own preferences when it comes to skincare, health and wellness, and hair care. The protagonist being a Smytten user, is someone who is able to lay her/his hand on all the options available and then decide what works best for them.

Smytten’s #SabTryKaro campaign aims to persuade consumers to explore new products in every category, such as skincare, makeup, and health and wellness, and not become stagnant with their choices. Smytten’s proposition of trials is directly attributed to its ability to provide its consumers with sample products by paying only shipping costs.

Swagata Sarangi, Co-Founder, Smytten, commented on the launch of their campaign, “The world has become a Pandora’s box for the D2C products, which gives endless choices to the consumers. Customers have started relying more on certain personalities or creators who introduce a huge pool of options for these consumers. We are confident and excited to launch this campaign, #SabTryKaro, which aims to foster the ability to try something first before making the purchase decision. A customer doesn’t have to stick to traditional choices when the market is flooded with options which are sustainable and innovative.”

Rakesh Thakar, the Director of these films said, “It was pretty challenging to create an effective short film for the FOMO generation. But with the correct insight and Brand Team’s detailed understanding of the problem statement, we cracked these creatives which are snackable, sticky, engaging, relatable, and to the point in tonality”

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