SoCheers Films’ “Ab Dhadkane Hongi Tez” campaign for BGMI, evokes nostalgia amongst the gaming community

The skillfully crafted Digital Video Campaign celebrates BGMI as the heartbeat of India’s gaming community and invites players to experience the game

Mumbai, July 17, 2023: SoCheers Films, a full-service films division of SoCheers (an independently-led creative digital agency), has unveiled their latest Digital Video Campaign (DVC) for BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI), the country’s most loved battle royale title. This captivating film titled “Ab Dhadkane Hongi Tez” not only captures the love for BGMI as the ‘IndiaKiHeartbeat’ within its gaming community but also invites players to immerse themselves in the game and experience relatable moments.

Designed to resonate with players of all age groups and genders, the recently unveiled Digital Video Campaign celebrates BGMI’s vibrant gaming community and the game’s ability to foster a strong sense of togetherness among its players. The film portrays a diverse range of individuals passionately engaging with BGMI, evoking feelings of excitement, and nostalgia.

Through its compelling storytelling, the film showcases the unity within the gaming community, highlighting how players from various walks of life, including college students, young parents, and father-son duos, form squads and play together. Resonating with players from far and wide, the content strikes a deep chord with the Indian gaming community, reigniting their passion for gaming.

The film was released on YouTube and Instagram, receiving an immense amount of love from the gaming community. In recent years, the gaming industry in India has experienced remarkable growth and popularity. Games like BGMI have successfully carved a niche for themselves, attracting a dedicated fan base that eagerly awaits new releases and relishes the immersive gaming experiences they offer.

The film can be viewed here –

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