Social travel platform Alike launches eSIM marketplace to 200 global destinations

Global tourists can now easily buy eSIMs for top global destinations at an introductory offer price of US$ 1
India, AUGUST 9, 2023– Social travel platform Alike is thrilled to reveal its innovative online eSIM Marketplace, enhancing the range of travel services that tourists can book on the Alike website. This unique online hub provides a comprehensive suite of eSIMs, catering to the modern traveller across 200 global destinations, all at exceptional prices. With the ability to handpick and download the suitable eSIM ahead of their journey, travellers can now bid farewell to physical SIM cards or Wi-Fi hotspot hunting.

To celebrate the launch of the eSIM marketplace, Alike is offering eSIMs to 80 global destinations at an attractive price of US$ 1 only! This limited time offer can be availed by using the code ALIKE while buying eSIMs from

With an increasing number of consumers preferring eSIMs over traditional physical SIMs, Juniper Research estimates that 2023 will already see about 1 billion smartphones using eSIMs globally, further mushrooming to 3.5 billion in by 2027. The Alike eSIM marketplace cannot come at a better time to serve this burgeoning global consumer transition to digital SIMs.

” As a social travel platform, we are acutely aware of the critical need to stay connected while traveling. For long tourists have had to turn-off their mobile data due to exorbitant roaming costs, forcing them to go from Digital feasting at home to digital fasting while they travel in an unknown foreign destination. The launch of our eSIM marketplace is a key step towards correcting this wrong,” stated Ashish Sidhra, Co-Founder of Alike.

The versatility of Alike’s eSIM Online Marketplace extends beyond its impressive range and affordable pricing, achieved on the back of Alike’s trusted relationships with a number of global telecom players. The platform’s intuitive interface and in-depth eSIM descriptions allow customers to navigate and pinpoint the best eSIM for their unique travel needs with ease.

In addition, Alike prides itself for its customer-centric approach, embodied in its highly rated customer service. With a multilingual support team available around the clock through various channels, travellers can be assured that they’ll always have prompt and effective support at their fingertips. Alike’s emphasis on customer satisfaction reinforces its commitment to delivering a comprehensive and delightful user experience.

With the debut of the eSIM Online Marketplace, Alike continues to build on its promise of establishing a new way of sharing, discovering, planning, and booking travel experiences and help everyone travel like the people they like.

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