, has launched to provide end to end solutions for the packaging industry

Mumbai, 14th December 2022:, a technology driven full stack end to end petrochemical distribution company, have grown from 0 to 1622 Cr. (FY 22 Revenue) in a short span of 4 years, has launched keeping their MSME focused outlook and spirit, to provide end to end solutions for the packaging industry. The packaging vertical is focused to standardize the flexible plastic packaging industry and provide a link between manufacturers and consumer-packaged goods companies.

According to Arun Singhal, Founder and CEO of, “Our primary goal is to expand the Horizontal & Vertical Value Chain beyond additional commodities and also diverse projects such as packaging. SARV plans on changing the way small businesses in India packages their products, using our existing network of polymer processors combined with our use of technology. This will not only ensure safety and hygiene standards, but also build brand identity at efficient prices, delivering real value to the populous.”, the company’s newest packaging expansion, has already garnered traction as they utilize their technical and technological expertise to deliver the ideal packaging solutions for every packaging requirement. They are a ‘packaging solutions’ company that is driven by the goal to address packaging difficulties in every industry. They provide companies with all types of printing solutions such as Roto Gravure, Flexo, Offset, Digital and strive to assist organizations of all sizes in meeting their packaging requirements.

Metrics of –

1. 30x increase in the sales value in the last 6 months

2. 10x increase in productivity (sales/employee)

3. 5x increase in customer count

4. Approx 4x times growth in number of orders in the last 6 months

Harshvardhan Dhandhania, Business Head of has an intellectual approach towards the creation of this company and says, “In order to provide industry-specific solutions, we are constantly enhancing and developing our skills. We are MSME advocates, and we can meet any demand that arises along your packaging journey.”

Due to’s constant growth throughout the months since its inception, Sarv has undoubtedly been able to show once more how the management of the company is success driven. The company stands out for leveraging technology to unlock synergies that were previously only available to industry Goliaths and demystify them so that wealth can be shared among the lowest rungs of the industrial ecosystem.

What started as a result of sales discussion between entrepreneurial minds from different Industries is now unlocking the real potential and shaping the course of the entire ecosystem of petrochemicals. Idea was not to stop or get satisfied at the tremendous growth achieved in the petrochemicals division but to translate the same success at a faster growth rate utilizing the resources, knowledge and technology of existing setup into other businesses like: Bulk Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals and Packaging, the journey of which already started some 12 months back.

Future Path:

Future appears much more promising for as that the think tank is now creating the Bulk Chemicals & Specialty Chemicals Divisions, each with a market value of 50–60 billion USD and requiring initial investments of 25 million USD.

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