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Media OutReach Newswire – 28 June 2024 –
Octa’s mission as a global broker is to make trading more accessible and understandable. Catering to the most popular demands of the traders’ community, the Octa team has enhanced its proprietary trading platform, OctaTrader, by adding Space, a new toolkit in the OctaTrader ecosystem. Space is a customisable analytics hub built into the OctaTrader interface as a curated news feed. This feature is designed to empower traders by offering them timely market insights for each of their favourite tradable instruments.

Leveraging modern technology to create a friendly and accessible trading environment, OctaTrader focuses on providing a low entry threshold to less experienced traders and facilitating the overall trading experience with data-driven tools. Space perfectly aligns with this goal, offering a great way to validate and substantiate your trading ideas.

Now, suppose you read the financial news, analyse the current market situation, and come to certain conclusions about the upcoming market movements. However, you lack practical trading experience and still have doubts about whether it is time for you to create an order or wait until a better opportunity arises. In other words, you need a second opinion. This is where Space comes in handy: it offers timely and personified analytical posts from Octa’s experts with trading ideas relevant to your trading style. This toolkit allows you to validate your ideas, make necessary adjustments, and copy the insights you like into your chart.

Not by tips alone

In addition to expert predictions, Space offers valuable educational materials that allow you to step your trading knowledge up a notch and start thinking about trading in terms of time-proven historical patterns and sound logic. With Space, OctaTrader offers a more effortless, data-driven trading experience and helps you save time and cognitive effort, translating into higher efficiency and better results.

Octa’s team has researched traders’ preferences and behaviours. By implementing best global practices and covering the most popular traders’ demands, Octa has made its trading platform into a comprehensive solution that combines all stages of the traders’ journey: financial transactions, education, trading, analysis, networking, and social interactions.

OctaTrader provides a smooth workflow across all devices so that you can pick up your trading session on mobile from where you left it off on your desktop. Moreover, with OctaTrader, you won’t need to switch between tabs or applications: the whole trading journey is now encapsulated within a single solution.

Putting theory into practice

As a customisable news feed, Space consists of numerous channels, each dedicated to a popular tradable asset, including currency pairs. Thematic channels also feature specific market trends that have caught your attention recently or promising patterns that seem worth looking into. Space contains a continuously updated library of expert-curated educational content with a focus on various methods of technical analysis, including candlestick patterns, resistance and support lines, trends, and chart figures, as well as their specific features and use cases. Clients can tap into either fundamental or technical analysis feeds to validate their decisions and strengthen their understanding of market concepts and mechanisms. With market signals, rich educational content on each of the popular instruments, and feedback on analytical posts from other users, Space creates an engaging field of opportunity where you can learn, explore, and make trading decisions with confidence.

For those willing to immediately apply market insights to their charts and open orders based on the ideas from the feed, Space has the Trade button—it allows you to transfer the idea from the feed to your chart in a couple of clicks. After that, you can set up Stop Loss and Take Profit orders right on the miniature graph—and create a safety net for yourself using this popular risk management tool.

Space makes an emphasis on facilitating the decision-making process, making it more data-driven, transparent, and efficient. This toolkit allows you to improve on your strategies and minimise financial risks while trading with confidence and precision.

Consistent trading success is based on three main elements: solid theoretical knowledge of general market concepts and mechanics, extensive hands-on experience, and confident decision-making. OctaTrader, Octa’s all-in-one trading ecosystem, provides access to all three via Space, the customisable ideation hub built into the OctaTrader application.

A continuously evolving trading solution, OctaTrader regularly receives updates aimed at covering more ground in terms of functionality and proactively responding to the demands of Octa’s clients. To help traders make the most of OctaTrader’s analytical features, Octa has recently introduced the new leverage option of 1:1000, which is currently available to all clients. The new leverage option offers greater market opportunities, allowing you to open larger positions with a smaller capital investment.

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