SPAR Hypermarket goes live on ONDC platform with a range of Home and Living products

The move to elevate customer experience and convenience for customers-

15th September: SPAR Hypermarket, a leading name in India’s retail sector, has partnered with the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC). This strategic alliance involves incorporating SPAR Hypermarket’s direct-to-consumer (D2C) catalogue into the ONDC network, enabling shoppers to conveniently explore a wide array of products across various emerging shopping apps within the network.

Embracing the ongoing wave of digital transformation in the dynamic retail landscape, SPAR Hypermarket has opted to partner with ONDC. This strategic move reflects their dedication to staying at the forefront of the industry. By becoming part of the ONDC network, SPAR Hypermarket gains access to entry to an extensive customer pool, thriving within an ecosystem that encourages collaboration and sparks innovation. This collaboration is anticipated to open new pathways for growth, ultimately resulting in an elevated customer experience.

SPAR Hypermarket has garnered a reputation for being a destination that proudly stocks an extensive array of premium brands, including renowned names such as Milton, Cello, Prestige, Borosil, Hawkins etc. This distinguishes SPAR Hypermarket as a hub where customers can reliably find an impressive selection of products from well-established and highly regarded brands. Customers can expect to find an approach to pricing that centers around everyday affordability and the most competitive rates for a wide range of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs).

This innovative approach ensures that customers can now enjoy the ease and efficiency of having Home & Living items delivered directly to their doorstep from nearby SPAR Hypermarket locations and this positioning sets SPAR Hypermarket apart as a go-to destination, offering customers a dependable source for a wide range of products hailing from well-established and highly regarded brands.

SPAR Hypermarket seizes the chance to extend its influence and establish a more robust foothold within the market by becoming a part of the ONDC network. By becoming a part of the ONDC network. This cooperative venture enables the hypermarket chain to tap into ONDC’s expansive network of partners, encompassing delivery services and digital payment platforms. This, in turn, streamlines operations and bolsters logistical efficiency. This strategic decision empowers SPAR to present a broader array of products and services to its clientele, reinforcing its position as a front-runner in the hypermarket sector.

Vipin Bhandari, Managing Director and CEO of Max Hypermarket India Pvt Ltd shared, “We are delighted to offer our range of home and living products on the ONDC platform. As a leading player in the hypermarket space, we strive for innovation and agility in our business. Through our association with ONDC, we endeavour to amplify our reach, guaranteeing convenient access for consumers across the nation while offering them a remarkable experience.”

The alliance between SPAR Hypermarket and ONDC also nurtures a culture of collaboration and innovation within the retail ecosystem. Through harnessing the technological prowess of ONDC, SPAR Hypermarket gains the capacity to explore fresh avenues for expansion, fine-tune supply chain activities, and introduce inventive solutions tailored to evolving customer preferences. This partnership serves as a testament to the shared dedication of both entities to propel industry-wide transformation and enhance the overall shopping journey.

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