New Delhi: The All New TVC is a part of the celebrated ‘Its In Me’ campaign by the popular footwear brand featuring Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and conceptualised by DDB Tribal.

Synonymous to the emotion, strong willingness and athleticism of the youth, Sparx — the popular footwear brand by Relaxo is set to win more hearts and garner accolades across the internet with the launch of the ‘Its In Me’ campaign’s TVC that features Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, alongside other supporting actors who reflect upon the creative thought of celebrating the undying energy and ‘never give up’ attitude.

The creative opens up with the Bollywood actor engaged in a Kite or ‘Patang’ flying drill (as India calls it) with a young guy who’s indulged in the same along with his friends. The teenager or the young kid tries his best to get the better of Khiladi Kumar but fails to do so, losing hold of his kite. Akshay celebrates his victory by announcing ‘Ye Kata’ (it is gone) to further testify upon his victory. However, the kid takes it positively and reverts with — “Akshay sir, kaata hai, loota nahi hain.” (meaning, I’ve lost it, but you haven’t got hold of it yet). The accompanying visual shows a two way tussle and a high octane run between both as the young guy and Akshay are seen wearing their respective Sparx shoes.

They run, turn, move, jump and maneuver at extreme pace and still the grip they have on the road showcases the impeccable quality of the footwear as a whole. Ultimately, both of them are able to be at proximity with the kite where Akshay gets hold of the manjha (the kite flying thread) whereas the young individual gets hold of the flight, which he achieves by jumping into the water — again resonating on the fearless attitude of the Indian youth. Akshay acknowledges the kid and his agility with “Tu bhagta acha hai” (meaning you run well, kid) to which the individual replies with, “Aap bhagate bhi toh acha ho” (meaning, that’s because you make me run well). The TVC ends with both of them, flaunting their experience and announcing the ‘Its In Me’ collection.

Mr. Gaurav Dua, Executive Director at Relaxo Footwear, expressed his enthusiasm for the brand new campaign, adding “Having Superstar Akshay Kumar at the center of this campaign ushers a new era of agility and comfort through Sparx’s product that aren’t bound to a single vector or audience. The essence of agility and that attitude comes from within, and it is synonymous to today’s generation. We are very excited with the way the TVC brings to life, the energy and we are sure it will add “Sparx“ in our audiences as well.”

“The ‘Its In Me’ campaign is something that’s synonymous to the youngsters of our nation. The TVC highlights the energy and athleticism of youth which comes to life by highlighting style, durability and comfort of our range of footwear. Akshay Kumar takes the energy and enthusiasm to the next level in the high octane catch up and chase. The TVC does justice to our quality and the parameters that distinguishes us from the rest.”, said Mr. Sachin Chhabra, VP & Head of Marketing at Relaxo Footwears.

The TVC and the collection is all set to make headlines standing tall on the urban, quality, durability and comfort narrative as a whole.

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