Special Fragrances to Inspire Valentine’s Day Romance by French Essence

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it’s got major gift-giving potential.
While each day is special when you are in love, this is your chance to make your partner feel extra special by expressing your love through gifts or words. So why not forgo the tradition of flowers and chocolates and opt for more practical gifts this year that will make you famous with your partner.

French Essence has put together special gifts sets this Valentine’s Day that will totally make your leading lady or man swoon, while maybe even taking your relationship to the next level.

Luxury Perfume Gift Sets for Men and Women (INR 999)

The gift set includes variants like Grace which is a blast of floral and citrusy goodness; Intense and Bloom that have woody, spicy & earthy Fragrance; Amber Magic that takes its inspiration from Exotic flowers from French fields; Recharge, Triumph and Oud that has Fresh citrusy notes blended with the sweetness of coconut, along with spicy and woody patchouli

Perfume & Deodorant Gift Set – Intense | Luxury Long Lasting Fragrance | Premium Body Spray | Combo Pack (INR 749)

A perfect gift for any event or celebration, this set of deodorant and perfume is carefully crafted for your loved ones.

Perfume & Deodorant Gift Set – Oud | Luxury Long Lasting Fragrance | Premium Body Spray | Unisex Gift Pack | Combo Pack (INR 749)
A perfect gift for all occasions, the Oud deodorant and perfume set is a heady indulgence of woody notes, from the exotic lands of Arabia

Perfume & Deodorant Gift Set – Bloom | Luxury Long Lasting Fragrance | Premium Body Spray | Gift Kit | Combo Pack (INR 749)
A gift set that can make the receiver feel oh-so special…Grace deodorant and perfume entice you with the magical sweetness of French flowers blended with tangy citrus.

Perfume & Deodorant Gift Set – Grace | Luxury Long Lasting Fragrance | Premium Body Spray | Gift Kit | Combo Pack (INR 749)
A gift set that brings one closer to nature, Grace Perfume and deodorant have a splash of floral and fruity freshness… Perfect for those dear to you!

Available at their Website – www.frenchessence.com, Amazon and Flipkart.

Besides these gift packs, French Essence are having an unmissable sale on their website from 8th February – 15th February where you’ll get upto 40% off.

French Essence believes that Valentine’s Day’s not only about couples celebrating their love. It’s also a day where you cherish everything and everyone we love. So, whether you’re shopping for your partner, your friend, your sister, your mum, or even yourself, French Essence has got you covered.

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