Special menu for tourists to celebrate International Millet Year

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Corporation (MPTDC) has announced the introduction of millets in breakfast across 12 properties in Indore and Ujjain divisions, in commemoration of the International Year of Millets. In line with this initiative, MPTDC has curated a special menu for breakfast that includes dishes made from millets such as idli, kheer, khichdi, and upma. The United Nations declared 2023 as the International Year of the Millet on India’s request, promoting the consumption of this highly nutritional crop and its recipes in G20 meetings.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Corporation officials said, “We are striving to promote millets and its food offerings. At least one millet-based dish is being added to the breakfast menus across 12 hotels in Indore and Ujjain divisions.” To educate people about the nutritional value of millets, MPTDC displays information about the millet dish’s health benefits near the buffet counters, showcasing raw millets varieties as well. This initiative has been implemented at several locations such as Indore, Ujjain, Mandu, Gandhi Sagar, Omkareshwar, Maheshwar, Burhanpur, Jhabua, Mandsaur, Hanuwantiya, and Sailani.

Officials emphasized that they were continually experimenting with new and creative millet-based recipes to cater to their guests’ taste buds, particularly children. To add variety to the initiative, Self Help Groups have also developed various millet-based cookies and dry snacks.

A retailer from Bengali Square expressed, “I had not kept snacks made of millets, but suddenly the options in millets have increased. Our distributor has supplied us with different cookies made from millets. When customers see these items on display, they enquire and purchase them because people are becoming more health-conscious.”

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