Spirituality is nothing but awakening in life: When Sonu Sood met AiR to explore his spiritual self

When millions started walking home without any mode of transport, actor Sonu Sood emerged as their messiah during the pandemic-induced lockdowns. While it made all of us aware of the humanitarian facet of his personality, the actor never really opened up on his spiritual side. However, during a recent visit to a humanitarian home in Bengaluru, and met spiritual leader and philanthropist AiR-Atman in Ravi, the actor’s belief on spirituality came to the fore. Touched by AiR’s humanitarian home, where several homeless and destitute people get an honourable life, Sonu opined that as per him, spirituality is awakening in life.

Shared his thought about spirituality, he said, “I feel Spirituality is something that comes from within, it’s like an awakening in life, irrespective of your background- whether you hail from a service class or have your own business or you teach. Awakening happens when you feel you have to give back to the society.” Relating his experience with that of spiritual icon AiR, he added, “I experienced this more specifically in last 3-4 years, and AiR also felt the same after achieving so much in life. Since we share so much in common, I look forward to collaborating with him and help more people.”

AiR Humanitarian Homes in Bengaluru have been serving the homeless and destitute for 30 years now. AiR-Atman in Ravi realises that the true way to find Eternal Happiness and Bliss is by giving happiness to others. Keeping that thought in mind, he elaborates the philosophy behind the AiR Humanitarian Homes, “We are serving everybody here, from infants to elderly to those with diseases or victims of abuse. These people need help. We have met some who were starving, malnourished or injured and also some with maggot infested wounds. We helped them to stand on their feet. I intend to take this dream project of mine to entire India and we will need everybody’s support on this difficult path that we are about to tread. And every individual will be able to help us in whatever small way.”

Today this Spiritual Mentor, author, philanthropist and transformational Speaker has helped many people live a life of dignity. He has setup three AiR Humanitarian Homes in Bannerghatta, Chikkagubbi Village, and Chandapura. While AiR has been helping lakhs of people find their firm ground and lead a better life, currently 800 people live in these homes and lead a happy life with assured safety. While the medical expenses of the needy are taken care of here, AiR and his team has helped many lost children re-unite with their families.

With a mission to stop these people from living on the streets or sleep on an empty stomach, AiR’s ideas resonated with Sonu Sood who himself undertakes many drives to ensure that he can help as many as possible. After meeting him the actor quipped with happiness, “It was great meeting AiR-Atman in Ravi as we share the same goal of bringing smiles to people’s faces. When I saw the wholefamily that AiR has created for the needy people, it seemed like a commendable move. Undoubtedly, we will need more such places beyond the big cities. And we need more people like him in this society. He is a blessed soul and I hope we have more people like him.”

We can certainly expect the two Spiritual Beings coming together to help the needy in the coming future.

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