Starlight Gaming’s Action Game Takes the Indian Gaming Community by Storm – Partners with S8UL Network

~ Raider SIX has racked up an unprecedented one million pre-registrations in just a 10-day registration period, demonstrating the passion of Indian gamers towards the game ~

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6th July 2023: Starlight Gaming, a SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT INC company, has partnered with S8UL, India’s largest gaming content network, to announce the much-anticipated launch of ‘Raider SIX’ in India. This collaboration marks an exciting milestone for both entities as they aim to revolutionize the gaming landscape in India. ‘Raider SIX’ is specially built for discerning Indian consumers, demonstrating Starlight Gaming’s commitment to providing a first of its kind gaming experience to Indian gamers. Within an astonishing 10-day registration period, Raider SIX has garnered an incredible one million pre-registrations, signifying enthusiasm among Indian gamers.

Crafted by Starlight Gaming in collaboration with Indian gamers, ‘Raider SIX’ is a Battle Royale Action mobile game that immerses players in the captivating Indian battle landscape. It introduces a diverse array of Indian characters and cultural highpoints, marking the first-ever inclusion of such elements in the genre. Tailored exclusively for the Indian gaming community, ‘Raider SIX’ aims to capture the hearts of Indian gamers with its rich tapestry of characters, aesthetic scenery, and unmatched gaming action that reflects the vivid spirit of Indian culture.

Over the coming weeks, Starlight Gaming and Team S8UL will join forces to deliver collaborative content, combining their expertise and resources for unparalleled gaming experiences. The game offers action-packed battles, exhilarating gameplay, unlimited revival opportunities, a vast arsenal of intriguing weapons, heart-pounding helicopter escape missions, a robust trading system, and exciting draw activities.

Sharing his thoughts on the launch, Mr. TU CHUN-KUANG, Chairman of SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT INC stated, “We are thrilled to bring Raider SIX to the vast and dynamic Indian gaming market. By leveraging S8UL’s extensive network and Starlight Gaming’s commitment to innovation, this partnership seeks to captivate Indian gamers and push the boundaries of gaming entertainment. We aim to provide the passionate gaming community in India with a unique gaming experience that mixes innovation, excitement, and the country’s rich cultural history. Our team is overjoyed to make a difference in India, and it’s just the beginning for us.”

“We are super excited to explore the Indian gaming world by unleashing Raider SIX,” said Mr Laveesh Pandey, COO at Starlight Gaming. “Team S8UL is one of the largest networks of gaming content creators in India and we are elated to see their excitement about Raider SIX.

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey as we captivate the hearts and minds of Indian gamers with Raider SIX, an experience like no other!” He added.

S8UL is the only Indian organization to win the prestigious Global Esports Awards for Esports and gaming content. Together, the brand’s 26 premier players are revolutionizing Indian gaming.

On partnering with Starlight Gaming, Mr Animesh Agarwal AKA 8 Bit Thug, CEO at S8UL conveyed, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Raider SIX as their launch pad in the Indian gaming market. With the overwhelming enthusiasm of the gaming community towards Raider SIX, we are confident in its potential for a successful launch. Together, S8UL and Raider SIX aims to make an impact and contribute to the evolving gaming landscape in India. We look forward to an amazing response to the launch, come lets game together, even more, and always! Onwards & Upwards!”

Engross yourself in a world filled with recognizable Indian people who have been brought to life in exquisite detail and experience the excitement of the Indian battlefield. Raider SIX also includes specially made Indian-style characters with renamable names, paying homage to Indian gaming culture Android users should leave at least XG of space for the installation package, whereas Apple users should set aside at least XG of space. Be ready to dominate the competition and unleash your abilities in this thrilling battle royale experience #IndiaKaApnaGame

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