Starlight Gaming’s ‘Raider SIX’ Launch Event: A Resounding Success in the Indian Gaming Community

· Actor Sidharth Malhotra appeared in a never-seen-before avatar, to unveil India’s fastest-growing Battle Royale Game, Starlight Gaming’s ‘Raider SIX’

· Prominent gamers that attended the event, including Youtuber Kaashvi “Kaash” Hiranandani, Saloni Kandalgaonkar, Payal Dhare, Tanmay Singh, Gulrez Khan, and Raj Verma, expressed their thrills and reactions to playing the game

· The event witnessed an impressive 100+ attendance, encompassing a diverse mix of influencers, gamers, and bloggers. The attendees fully immersed themselves in the exhilarating gaming experience, showcasing their enthusiasm and passion throughout the event

Mumbai, 13th July 2023: Starlight Gaming, a company of SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT INC., celebrated the long-awaited debut of their highly anticipated Battle Royale game, “Raider SIX,” with an amazing media launch event on July 11th at the Four Seasons Hotel, Worli, Mumbai. The event was buzzing with excitement as avid gamers and well-known bloggers arrived to witness Raider SIX’s formal debut. The event witnessed an outstanding turnout, attracting a remarkable gathering of more than 100 esteemed attendees from the media and gaming Industry, while the game itself garnered close to 1.2 Million downloads in just 7 days.

The audience was amazed when SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT INC. General Manager Mr. Yautian Chen and Bollywood star Sidharth Malhotra unveiled the official ‘Raider SIX’ Curtain raiser, which was the event’s high point. The event’s host Siddharth Kanan, one of India’s most prominent presenters infused the event with energy by hosting an exhilarating quiz game focused on ‘Raider SIX’. The audience wholeheartedly participated, displaying their passion and enthusiasm for the game. Siddharth generously rewarded the participants with exciting hampers as a gesture of appreciation.

The event further captivated the audience and gamer’s reaction via a compelling video featuring their thrilling experiences while playing ‘Raider SIX.’ Sidharth Malhotra impressed the audience with an engaging display in which he demonstrated his gaming prowess by playing ‘Raider SIX’ with other players. There was also an interesting chat between the actor and Siddharth Kanan who shared their mutual love of gaming.

The event was witnessed by renowned gamers and gaming content creators from India, including Youtuber Kaashvi Hiranandani (kaash), Saloni Kandalgaonkar (Mili kya Mili) , Payal Dhare(Payal Gaming), Tanmay Singh (Scout), Gulrez Khan(Joker ki haveli), and Raj Verma(Snax). After playing the game, they showed their passion and appreciation for it. They were proud to be a part of such a thrilling endeavor and fiercely pushed the game to their audiences. Their attendance and endorsement were sources of pride.

Sharing his enthusiasm, actor Sidharth Malhotra, said, “’Raider SIX’ is a fun game to play. The game captures the spirit of Indian culture while providing a unique and exhilarating gaming experience. I can clearly recall my childhood play when I would use my toy rifle and go on grand adventures. It brings back those priceless memories to be a part of this event where gaming meets real-world events. I’m having a wonderful time and feel excited to be a part of this amazing event.”

Mr. Yautian Chen, the General Manager of SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT INC., graced the event and took the stage to unveil his ambitious vision for ‘Raider SIX’ and its expansion within the Indian gaming market. With palpable enthusiasm, he expressed, “We are delighted to present ‘Raider SIX’ to the vibrant Indian gaming community. The game exemplifies our unwavering dedication to delivering an authentic gaming experience that seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology and India’s cultural diversity. We firmly believe that it will captivate gamers and redefine the boundaries of the Battle Royale genre.”

Raider SIX is a Battle Royale Action mobile game that immerses players in the enthralling Indian battle landscape. Tailored exclusively for the Indian gaming community, it aims to capture the hearts of Indian gamers with its rich tapestry of characters, aesthetic scenery, and unmatched gaming action that reflects the vivid spirit of Indian culture.

With an astonishing one million+ downloads on the 7th day of its release, ‘Raider SIX’ has already sparked significant interest among the Indian gaming fraternity. The game also pays homage to Indian gaming culture by including Indian-style characters with renamable names. The launch of ‘Raider SIX’ marks a significant milestone for Starlight Gaming and S8UL in their efforts to revolutionize the gaming landscape in India. The game’s focus on providing an immersive and culturally relevant gaming experience showcases Starlight Gaming’s dedication to Indian gamers, added Mr. Laveesh Pandey, COO Starlight Gaming.

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