Step App’s FITFI Token Gain 72% on OKX in 2 Days, Move to Earn Momentum Grows

$FITFI token had the 2nd largest trading volume of over $103.69m on OKX on 4th of May.

Dubai, 6th May, 2022: Move to Earn is the booming crypto sector now. The fitness market is valued at over $100B, with almost every person participating in pursuits of fitness at some point in their life, if not throughout their life. Step App is leading this boom with a protocol approach. A single infrastructure for any person, developer, or corporation to rapidly deploy their own FitFi app. It’s the AWS of the FitFi economy, providing immediately pluggable metaverse, low-cost layer 1, NFT infrastructure, smart contract plugs, and more.

The project is bootstrapping users with its own core app. The interest is growing – fast. UNTOLD, one of the largest music festivals with millions of global fans, has already signed on to make their own dance2earn app on the protocol.

Two more apps, associated with global brands with tens of millions of fans, are to be released this month. Step App is acquiring early and rapid adoption by companies that dominate mainstream audience interests across different forms of fitness.

OKX, the world-leading cryptocurrency platform, is the primary exchange for $FITFI. It saw the $FITFI token beat out all market pairs, beside Bitcoin. The interest in Step App has sustained incredibly, with the token hitting new price and volume ATH every couple days.

This was mentioned in a tweet by OKX CEO, Jay Hao [link:]

Commenting on the development Kirill Volgin, CEO of Step App, said, “GameFi boom was held back. Thousands of apps flew in before a foundational protocol could exist. This created a lack of composability in the market. Further, mainstream firms could not enter easily. Step App is entering the FitFi boom at the optimal time: the beginning. We’re providing the foundation technology as a protocol now, before the thousands of inevitable FitFi apps roll into the industry. Step App is the fertile and core ground for the growth and evolution of the FitFi economy.”

The project is lowering the entry barrier to the market in an interesting way: it’s oriented towards both users and app issuers (corporate and otherwise). Their expansion plan includes licensing deals and global athletes as ambassadors. The team has asserted that the mass user adoption plan will kick off at the end of May.



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