Students introduced to Stress Management Techniques during a Session Organized at VMSHIIE

Hyderabad, February 2022: V. M. Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality Education (VMSHIIE) recently organised an online stress management session for the students where they were taken through the nuances of dealing with stress and also introduced to the various forms of meditation.


Conducted by Dr. Prathna Shah, the online session covered the triggers of stress, how one can perceive stress and the overall steps on how to deal with it effectively.

Said Nelissa Alcasoas, Assistant Professor at the institute, “Students study Stress Management as a part of the 0rganisational behaviour course. The traditional view on stress was to avoid it but the contemporary view is that stress is an inevitable part of our lives. What we need to do is manage it. Everyone goes through some stress or the other through every part of their life cycle and for students especially it can be difficult to handle as they are still dealing with adolescence pressures.”


She further explained, “The pandemic has been especially difficult for students as it saw them go from offline classes which meant social friendships to online classes and being confined to their homes. Many students faced family pressures such as parents losing jobs, relatives falling ill, some of them losing their loved ones. The stress management session really helped students to understand types of stresses and how to deal with them. Some of the students were particularly stressed about their future career, whether there would be jobs for them or not. Through the session, they were able to gain insight on the steps they could take in order not only to achieve their goals but maintain a peaceful mental environment”.


“This session was excellent and extremely beneficial in resolving issues that we were unable to overcome. The session infused a lot of positivity in us, I have realized the importance of completing task’s by remaining calm and positive. I enjoyed the meditating experience and understood the benefits of doing so”, said Karthikram Samavedi, a student at VMSHIIE.


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