Surya Brasil introduces revamped made-for-India Henna hair care range

In a bid to expand its footprints across India, the global vegan personal care brand is on the lookout for exclusive distribution partners at both regional as well as national levels

New Delhi, 04th January 2023: Surya Brasil, a Brazil-headquartered multinational vegan personal care brand that forayed into India over a year back, has upgraded its product portfolio with the launch of a revamped Henna Cream range, crafted especially for Indian hair and scalp types. A pioneer in the global personal care space, Surya Brasil has engineered the unique line of products – Henna Cream Surya Brasil, Pre-Coloration Shampoo and Post-Color Conditioner – with enhanced formulation and added value to come up with a natural, unique and easy way to color as well as treat the hair. Taking into account the prevalent hair & scalp woes in the subcontinent, triggered primarily by harsh chemicals, the advanced shampoo is 96.2% natural while the conditioner in the pack is 98.8% natural. Surya Brasil has also declared that it intends to expand its footprint across the country and is currently on the lookout for exclusive distribution partners at both regional as well as national levels in India.

Elaborating on the advanced collection, Surya Brasil founder Clelia Cecilia Angelon said, “Having catered to consumers across all five continents, we are well acquainted with the varied skin and hair care-related requisites of different geographies and ethnicities. Our latest offering, based on Brazilian organic extracts, is created specifically to suit Indian hair and scalp type while ensuring adequate hydration and natural shiny strands. The special formulation in the Henna Cream and allied products would not only color properly, but also provide appropriate moisture. Besides the formulation, the packaging of Henna Cream is also revamped, and it now comes with advanced shampoo and conditioner that make the color last longer.”

She added that the nature-oriented Henna Cream Surya Brasil comprises harmless ingredients such as sugarcane, beetroot and special butter along with vegetal extracts from Amazonian rainforest and Ayurvedic herbs. Henna Cream Surya Brasil is also void of harsh chemicals or toxins like Ammonia or any of its byproducts – Ethanolamine, Dietanolamine and Triethanolamine. Notably, the shampoo, consisting majorly of natural ingredients, which deeply cleanses the hair without damaging them, yet prepare the strands to receive the color.

Slated to be available on leading online platforms such as Amazon, the all-new Henna Cream Surya Brasil, packed along with the shampoo and conditioner, has been launched at an introductory price of Rs 2320. On the sidelines of the Henna Cream Surya Brasil unveiling, the brand also announced that it would soon introduce a holistic skin care range in India comprising dermocosmetics and organic products. This comes even as Surya Brasil has within a year swiftly surged as a global market leader in natural and vegan hair care products.

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