SwapLand SLB launches India’s First Phygital Bitcoin Raffle

A Beautiful plot of Land in God! own Country is awaiting the winner.

We all live along the lines of the digital world today and digital investments are quite familiar to people of all walks of life. The hiking popularity of cryptocurrencies is always appealing. Ambiguity around the validity of Bitcoins might leave you with questions. Are you confused about what to do with the Bitcoins you own? Do you wonder whether Bitcoins can buy you some real assets? Then here is a game-changer.

A group of like-minded Bitcoin enthusiasts founded Swapland SLB in the year 2022.

With all the apprehensions around the validity of cryptocurrencies in place, they are trying to let people understand how cryptocurrencies can be converted into real assets, to provide a physical dimension to Bitcoin, and ensure that you get the maximum value out of the Bitcoins you possess.

Swapland SLB is a crypto raffle system which is a fun and engaging idea to swap the valueless digital entity with a similarly valued plot of land. Simply buy the raffle tickets with your Bitcoins and the lucky ones can get a beautiful plot of Land in India. Swap your Bitcoins with a raffle coupon and win real land with SwapLand SLB.

The raffle coupon costs 0.0014 BTC, and only 10000 coupons are available. An Early bird sale will be live on the 21st September 2022 afternoon and will be active for only 96hours. After the Early bird sale, the rest of the coupons will be available for sale for only 30 days.

The draw date of the raffle is 3rd November 2022. It will be an automated coupon selection process and will be streamed live on the platform. SwaplandSLB’s raffle is for just one winner, but referrers get XRP or XLM Coins as referral rewards. Also, there are many more offers for all participants.

Visit https://swaplandslb.com for more information.

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