Tata 1mg announces Health Screening for 1,000 doctors across India

1000+ doctors invited to avail complimentary full body health check-up from Tata 1mg Labs
500+ doctors being felicitated with Tata 1mg private label health products
Hyderabad, July 4, 2022: Tata 1mg, India’s largest digital health company, has announced complimentary health check-ups for more than 1,000 doctors across India. The company is also felicitating 500 doctors in the month of July as part of a nationwide campaign to recognize and appreciate the contribution of doctors to India’s healthcare industry.

The doctors, spread across various hospitals in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Dehradun, have been invited to avail a complimentary Comprehensive Silver Full Body Checkup, Tata 1mg’s signature full body health checkup package. The full body screening helps evaluate the overall health status of the body and give clues to potential disorders and deficiencies at an early stage. The participant doctors would be checked on more than 70 health parameters including liver function test, kidney function test, thyroid profile, glucose, lipid profile, vitamin D and vitamin B12.

Tata 1mg, the title sponsor for the 2022 BMJ India Webinar series, an educational initiative by British Medical Journal Publishing Group, announced during their webinar the complimentary health check-up package to all the participants of the webinar. The company also extended this invitation to the network of its own doctors as a token of its appreciation. The participating doctors can avail this offer at their convenience through Tata 1mg’s expert home sample collection fleet within the month of July and receive their reports from Tata 1mg Labs, India’s trusted diagnostics chain.

Said Dr Prashant Nag, Head – Clinical Pathology, Tata 1mg Labs, “Doctors are exposed to several risks to their health, not only due to the long working hours and exposure to potentially harmful conditions, but also due to stress and psychological morbidity. They are vulnerable to the same acute and chronic conditions as the patients they treat. Yet, in the pursuit of their profession, they often neglect their own health and do not extend the same empathy and care to themselves as they do to their patients. This is a matter of great concern as doctors are national assets, as seen by their relentless service during the pandemic. We, at Tata 1mg, feel that it is very important to protect the protector. This nationwide campaign by us to check on doctors’ health is a way of expressing our gratitude for their selfless service and shield them from any disease or morbidity by catching the symptoms early.”

The company is also felicitating more than 500 doctors across the country, including from Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) in Jamshedpur and Tata Medical Centre (TMC) in Kolkata. The doctors will receive a gift hamper from Tata 1mg containing various health supplements for their own use, including calcium, zinc and multi-vitamin tablets, probiotic capsules, apple cider vinegar syrup, prebiotic fiber capsules, and Amla extract chewable tablets.

About Tata 1mg

Tata 1mg is India’s largest Digital Health Platform. The company has scaled up rapidly since 2015 to become India’s #1 Digital Health Company, commanding the leading share of the time spent in the Digital Healthcare category with over 40 million monthly unique users and 500 million monthly page views. 1mg started with a simple vision of making healthcare Affordable, Accessible & Understandable. Tata 1mg operates India’s largest platform comprising e-pharmacy, e-diagnostics, and e-consult services. Tata 1mg is the only company in India operating with a Legit Script & ISO certification for its e-pharmacy lines as well NABL accreditation for its Diagnostics business. In 2021, Tata Digital acquired a majority stake in 1mg, and the company was rebranded as Tata 1mg.

Tata 1mg labs are currently present in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai and

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