Tata Chemicals recognised as the Grand Winner and recipient of the Most Innovative Company accolades at the prestigious CII Industrial Innovation Awards 2023

Bengaluru, 3rd December 2023: Tata Chemicals Limited was acknowledged as the Grand Winner at the Top 50 Innovative Companies 2023 Award at the Technology Conclave in New Delhi, during the CII Industrial Innovation Award Ceremony. This prestigious recognition underscores the dedication of Tata Chemicals R&D teams across its Pune, and Bengaluru facilities, who continuously push the boundaries of Innovation excellence.

Furthermore, the award recognises Tata Chemicals as a driving force behind the CII Enterprise Innovation Maturity Framework, demonstrating the company’s lasting influence and commitment to fostering a culture of innovation throughout the Indian industrial landscape.

Talking about this recognition Dr Richard Lobo, Head Innovation, R&D, Business Excellence and Chief Ethics Counsellor, Tata Chemicals Limited said, ” We are most humbled to receive this recognition and dedicate this to the pursuit of excellence and the culture of Innovation being adopted across TCL ecosystem. We continue to remain focused on developing sustainable, next-generation science-based solutions rooted in green chemistries, whilst collaborating with the best of academia and R&D labs in India and globally. This recognition further fuels our passion to keep innovating at the cutting edge of Science and Technology.”

The CII Industrial Innovation Awards evaluate a wide range of innovations, encompassing potentially growth-oriented processes, goods, services, and technologies. By acknowledging Indian industry innovators for their efforts, the awards aim to assist companies in becoming more competitive in both domestic and international markets. The Enterprise Innovation Maturity Framework provides insights into best practices and promotes the exchange of innovative ideas for advancing the industry, creating a dynamic learning environment.

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