Tata Institute of Social Sciences School of Vocational Education partners with Maharashtra State Board of Skill, Vocational Education and Training for vocational education programmes

Mumbai 07 May, 2023: The Tata Institute of Social Sciences School of Vocational Education (TISS-SVE) in Mumbai has announced its collaboration with the Maharashtra State Board of Skill, Vocational Education and Training (MSBSVET) to provide a range of innovative vocational education programmes for the academic year 2023-24.

Recognising the importance of vocational education in equipping individuals with practical skills and enhancing their employability, TISS-SVE and MSBSVET have joined forces to offer comprehensive programmes that cater to the diverse needs of students and the evolving job market.

The programmes available for the upcoming academic year include:

B.Voc Degree: The B.Voc (Bachelor of Vocational Degree) programme is designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge and hands-on training in specific vocational fields. This degree programme focuses on building expertise in areas that are highly sought after by industries, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for successful careers.
Diploma Programmes: TISS-SVE and MSBSVET also offer a range of diploma programmes that equip students with specialized skills in various vocational disciplines. These diploma programmes are designed to provide practical training and industry-relevant knowledge, empowering students to excel in their chosen fields.
TISS-SVE’s collaboration with MSBSVET reflects a shared commitment to promoting vocational education and bridging the gap between academia and industry. By providing students with high-quality vocational programmes, both institutions aim to empower individuals, enhance their employability, and contribute to the socio-economic development of Maharashtra and beyond.

Madhushree Sekher, Dean, School of Vocational Education, expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating: “We are thrilled to partner with MSBSVET to offer vocational education programmes that meet the needs of the current job market. Through our combined efforts, we aim to provide students with practical skills, industry exposure, and academic knowledge, enabling them to succeed in their chosen professions.”

TISS-SVE and MSBSVET are committed to delivering comprehensive vocational education programmes that align with industry demands, thereby creating a skilled workforce that meets the evolving needs of the economy. By offering B.Voc degrees and diploma programmes, they are equipping students with the right tools to excel in their careers and contribute meaningfully to society.

For more information about the programmes and the admission process, interested individuals can visit:

TISS-SVE website at https://tiss.edu/admissions

For Admission Process: https://sve.tiss.edu/admission/

For more details contact Admissions Helpline: 022- 25525633/35/ 8976640593/7710945578/7304805578.

Interested candidates can write to us at:

Email: admissions@sve.tiss.edu

MSBSVET website to apply: https://msbsvet.edu.in/public/home.aspx

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