TechnoPark Tower awarded LEED Platinum Green Construction Certificate

HANOI, VIETNAM – Media OutReach – 11 January 2022 – TechnoPark Tower in Vinhomes Ocean Park in Hanoi has been officially awarded the V4 LEED Platinum Green Building Certificate
by the US Green Building Council.
This is the world’s most prestigious
ion that honours green
for their capability to save energy and
protect the environment.

According to assessment
results from the US Green Building Council, the LEED Platinum V4 version is the
most difficult LEED rating level to date.

To achieve this
certificate, the TechnoPark Tower had to satisfy the 9 most rigorous criteria
from design to operation, including: integrated design, location and
connectivity, sustainable location, efficient use of water, energy and
atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor air quality, innovation initiatives
and regional scores.

TechnoPark Tower achieved
a maximum score in many of the criteria.

Tower has the ability to save up to 17.4% of total annual energy
consumption compared to the
standard level, owing to energy-efficient solutions such as
low-E insulating glass
facades which helps to minimize heat transfer in both directions from outside to
inside and from inside to outside; ventilation systems for the parking lot and the green roof, which helps to reduce the heat transfer coefficient;
and solar panels on the lake’s surface next to TechnoPark Tower to generate
a renewable energy source for the

Inside the tower, nearly 3,000 Siemens motion sensors are
installed to automatically turn the
lights on in unoccupied areas, and there are on and off and dim lights
in the parking basement
to save
energy. The entire exterior lighting
system is controlled by a timer to reduce light pollution.

than 75% of the workspace enjoys natural daylight in the range of 300 lux to 3,000
lux, allowing
tenants to reduce electricity
consumption inside the building.

terms of water efficiency, TechnoPark Tower makes full use of rainwater collected at storage tanks to
water plants, while using low-flow
sanitary equipment to minimize
water consumption at source.

Greenery occupies 25% of the total area of the building, with the highlight being the chill sky gardens where native drought-tolerant plants are grown to save water.

In addition, to encourage tenants to use environmentally friendly
transportation, there
are multiple charging stations for
electric vehicles in the tower’s parking basement; there are also 660 bicycle parking slots as well as bathrooms for those who cycle to work.

Moreover, right next to the tower’s lobby is a smart electric
VinBus pick-up point, promoting green
both inside and outside the complex.

On top of these outstanding advantages, TechnoPark Tower is also
equipped with many innovative smart
features deployed by VinSmart.

LEED Platinum
award in November 2021,
TechnoPark Tower was honoured
the first building in Viet
Nam to win Most Intelligent
District award at the prestigious Digie Awards (USA).

Having received prestigious world-class certifications and awards, TechnoPark Tower is
gradually realizing its goal
of becoming one of the
Top 10 smartest buildings in the

are worthy achievements for a “heartfelt construction”- Make in Vietnam – marking
the great progress
of Viet
Nam’s stature on the global technology map.


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