Techsquadteam’s Leveraging Initiatives for Home Services near Your Localities!

9th February 2022, Bangalore – The unified demand of youth has always been put forward just to showcase things in a simplified manner. For which a foot forward has been taken by an entrepreneur after having a foreseen on various home services. Mr. Janmejaya Nanda, CEO of Techsquadteam, has come up with a tremendous initiative to cater to various service options. The company was founded on March 9th, 2017 to help the leveraging initiative for home services near your locality. With profound capability, the company has established its track record from deep home cleaning services. Then gradually it takes over the marketplace with other services too, such as beauty, pest control, plumbing, sanitization & fumigation, painting, appliance repairing, packers & movers.

With a rigorous start from Bangalore, it operates in 4 other cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, & Kolkata. And it is planning to expand to other cities quite soon too. Because the promising high-quality service has enlarged its demand quite high at home. Conceptualizing something might be easy, but converting the same into reality is way more difficult. Being an entrepreneur, he has always been clear about his goals with a sight vision of its success.

TechsquadTeam – Being the most renowned home service provider, has started its journey with chunks of IT professionals and Technicians. With the vertical extension of the technological platform and highly-skilled technicians, great customer satisfaction has been achieved. During 2017, the team has poured their sweat, blood, and tears day and night to make things happen it has turned out to be right now. Mr.Janmanjaya Nanda has taken TechsquadTeam to the heights, with the combined effort and smartness of the workers too. A hardworking IT team, Support team, and technicians are the root cause of the company’s development.

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