TEDxHyderabad 2023 Unveils Stellar Speaker Lineup: A Diverse Range of Visionaries to Inspire and Ignite Change

Hyderabad, September 5, 2023: TEDxHyderabad, in its 9th year, is thrilled to announce its much-anticipated speaker lineup for the year 2023, featuring an exceptional group of 12 individuals who are pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and igniting positive change across various fields. This year’s event promises to be a captivating and thought-provoking experience as these remarkable speakers share their innovative ideas and inspiring stories on the TEDx stage.

These extraordinary individuals are set to grace the TEDxHyderabad 2023 stage, each with a unique story, perspective, and expertise that promises to inspire, educate, and motivate attendees. Their presence embodies the spirit of TEDx—ideas worth sharing—and their contributions will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the event and the wider world.

Kalpana Ramesh

Kalpana, one of seven Women’s Day social media curators for PM Modi in March 2020, is a sustainability champion, revitalizing 13 stepwells, preserving borewells through rainwater harvesting, and planting 600+ trees around water bodies.

Kamal Shah

Despite 26 years of dialysis, Kamal Shah lives a full life. He co-founded NephroPlus India’s largest dialysis center network, inspiring hope and positivity for kidney patients.

Pawan Kumar

Pawan, Co-Founder and CEO of Skyroot Aerospace, India’s top space-tech company, is an IIT-Kharagpur alumnus recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30. In November 2022, they achieved a historic milestone, launching the first privately made rocket in India and South Asia.

Brigadier P Ganesham

Brigadier Ganesham pioneered innovations like “Windy” during his distinguished military career. He founded “Palle Srujana,” a mission, recognized with the Vishisht Seva Medal, which emphasizes the crucial role of grassroots innovation in equitable national growth.

Aishwarya Pillai

Aishwarya Pillai, a resilient Rehabilitation Counsellor, 3D blind artist, and filmmaker, transcends societal limits, turning adversity into triumph. Her innovative art and filmmaking bring visual arts to the visually impaired, showcasing her unwavering spirit and creative resilience.

Kat Alano

Kat Alano, a Filipino British artist, and former MTV VJ turned advocate, bravely confronts rape culture in the industry and Philippines as a survivor herself. She advocates for change through speaking engagements with influential institutions and addresses cultural issues in filmmaking.

Surabhi Yadav

Surabhi Yadav, a feminist visionary, shifts the narrative on rural women, highlighting their potential and possibilities. Her initiatives, Project Basanti and Sajhe Sapne, empower women from low-income communities to become coders, project associates, and math teachers.

Sreemoyee Kundu

A bestselling author, feminist, and DEI consultant, Sreemoyee is known for her groundbreaking work on gender and sexuality. She founded Status Single, India’s pioneering urban single women’s community, and is a prominent columnist, speaker, and advocate for gender issues.

Malavath Poorna

Poorna Malavath made history as the youngest Indian female to summit Mount Everest at 13 years and 11 months, earning her many accolades, including the Amazing Indians Award. Poorna advocates for girl-child education and fights against child marriages in rural and tribal communities.

Thomson Andrews

Thomson Andrews, an artistic genius, inspires with determination and innovation. From captivating performances to entrepreneurial ventures, he navigates diverse mediums, collaborates globally, and empowers aspiring artists.

Babar Ali

Babar Ali is an extraordinary social entrepreneur and educator, distinguished by the BBC as the ‘Youngest Headmaster in the World’. Establishing Ananda Siksha Niketan at just nine, he ignited education in impoverished West Bengal.

B P Acharya

During his distinguished bureaucratic career, B P Acharya, IAS (Retd), pioneered innovative initiatives, including Genome Valley and undivided Andhra Pradesh’s Biotech Sector. His work in the development of world-class infrastructure clusters has led to significant employment opportunities for thousands.

“As we embark on our 9th-anniversary celebration under the ‘Ignite’ theme, we are absolutely thrilled to present such an inspiring and influential lineup of speakers for TEDx Hyderabad 2023,” said Viiveck Verma, Curator and Licensee of TEDxHyderabad. “With the spark of innovation that these remarkable individuals bring, their unique perspectives and powerful insights have the potential to ignite meaningful conversations and fuel the flames of positive change within our community and far beyond.”

TEDxHyderabad, a beacon of enlightenment in Hyderabad, continually pushes the boundaries of knowledge, innovation, and creativity. Its 2023 edition is scheduled for 17th September at Pradhan Conventions. Tickets for the event are limited, and in high demand, so those interested are encouraged to secure their spot early by registering on the event website: https://tedxhyderabad.com/ignite/. Take advantage of the opportunity to be a part of this transformative experience and gain fresh insights from some of the world’s most forward-thinking minds.

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