TENCENT E-SPORTS launches “Empower Esports Worldwide Series” to help the globalization of the esports industry

Media OutReach Newswire – 26 June 2024 – On June 24th, TENCENT E-SPORTS launched a special live broadcast with the theme “Empower Esports Worldwide”.

TENCENT E-SPORTS launches “Empower Esports Worldwide Series” to help the globalization of the esports industry

Mars Hou, the general manager of TENCENT E-SPORTS, stated during the live broadcast that riding the wave of globalization, esports has gained influence among an increasingly broad demographic and has consequently garnered recognition and support from numerous countries and organizations worldwide. The development of industries does not follow a linear, continuous path, and the deepening of globalization will propel industry onto a new era. The challenges brought by cultural differences, the relationship between esports and sports, organization and operation, and changes in industry structure will inevitably become questions that all global esports practitioners must confront and ponder. Mars Hou emphasized that the capabilities of a company are always limited, and TENCENT E-SPORTS hopes to work with industry partners more than ever before to explore effective paths for global esports development.

Drawing on past collaborations with organizations such as the Olympic Council of Asia and the Asian Electronic Sports Federation, as well as the experience of collaborating with over 200 domestic ecological partners, TENCENT E-SPORTS will take the first step towards the new era. With a new identity as “a bridge connecting domestic and international esports ecosystems,” TENCENT E-SPORTS will take the initiative to “go global” and launch the “Empower Esports Worldwide Series.” By organizing long-term and open ecological exchange activities, TENCENT E-SPORTS aims to build a communication platform for domestic and international esports partners, helping Chinese esports hold hands with the world and contribute to the development of the global industry together.

During the event, Mars Hou announced the first batch of overseas sites for the “Empower Esports Worldwide Series” – Saudi Arabia, France, and Japan, and invited overseas partners to come to China. The primary goal is to share industry practice experiences, discuss cooperation methods, and promote cultural exchange, while exploring the vast blue ocean of the esports industry.

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