~TenderCuts will continue its efforts of not using Single use plastic~

Mumbai, 8th July 2022: TenderCuts, India’s first omnichannel meat and seafood retail has stepped up its sustainability efforts by going green across all its products and minimising the carbon footprint throughout its supply chain.

The D2C major founder and CEO Nishanth Chandran, said, “It is our collective endeavour to enable sustainability in whatever we do. Our business process and approach has always been to use sustainable best practices, this endeavour of reducing carbon footprint is our commitment to our mother earth and this would minimise carbon footprint substantially at all our touchpoints.”

The 60 plus stores of TenderCuts in the three cities of Chennai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad has made a huge commitment towards Earth by continuing to not use single use plastic across all its products.

TenderCuts that clocks 2500 orders per hours have already begun going eco-friendly by making all its online deliveries in Food grade boxes with the meat packed in bio-degradable material and encourages customers to bring their own bags for its offline purchases.

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