Thane’s Bright Minds Participate in KORUM Mall’s Chess Competition

~Participation by 200 players~

~The youngest player was of 5 years of age~

Thane, February 13th 2023: KORUM Mall is thrilled to announce that its recent chess tournament was a resounding success, with players from all over Mumbai and Thane coming together to engage in competitive matches. Players of all skill levels, from amateur enthusiasts to professionals, competed in the tournament.

There were more than 200 participants in the event who competed against each other for exciting prizes. The tournament was held under the aegis of Thane District Chess Association (TDCA) and was open to all participants of age 16 or under. The event was conducted in batches of 100 participants in one go and it was executed seamlessly.

The matches of the event were exciting and fiercely contested, with players exhibiting exceptional engagement, strategy, and gamesmanship. The competition consisted of multiple rounds, with players competing in one- on- one matches to determine the ultimate champion. Each round’s finale was captivating, with the final two players engaging in a gripping game that kept viewers at the edge of their seats.

Darsh Raut (Under 7), R Mukil (Under 9), Aaradhay Yogesh Parte (Under 11) and Rudra Sangram Jadhav (Under 15) won bi- cycles while Ruddra Singh Khanka (Under 8), Aaradhay Yogesh Parte (Under 10), Aditya Bhosle (Under 12) and Daksh Rakesh Jagesia (Under 16) won smart watches among the 120 winners who won trophies.

Mr. Deva Jyotula, VP- Retail, remarked “KORUM being the epicentre in Thane for edutainment, we frequently conduct large scale events as we have one of the largest air- conditioned atriums. We have made every effort to ensure that the tournament was managed easily and fairly with assistance of experienced arbitrators. We would like to thank TDCA and especially the participants and spectators who attended this mega event. We hope that the players will continue to support this initiative and maintain the ardour for this game.”

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