The 12th Canon x McDull Inter-school Ink Cartridge Recycling Award Presentation Ceremony

Media OutReach – 12 July 2023 – Canon Hongkong Company Limited (Canon Hong Kong) organized the 12th Canon x McDull Inter-school Ink Cartridge Recycling Award Presentation Ceremony at the Canon Business Experience Center on 8 July 2023, under the theme of “Green Recycling Day.” Over 100 students and teachers from 10 schools participated in the ceremony and enjoyed a variety of green recycling booth and workshops.

Over the past two years, the pandemic has disrupted school schedules and posed challenges to recycling efforts. To address this issue, Canon Hong Kong combined the ink cartridge recycling quantities of the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 academic years and identified the ten winning schools. As of December 2022, over 252,000 ink cartridges had been collected, and the dismantled metals and plastics were being recycled into raw materials for other products. During the ceremony, Mr. Kazuhiro Ozawa, President & CEO of Canon Hong Kong, appreciated the winning schools for their dedication to promoting environmental recycling efforts, leading by example, and actively encouraging students to participate. They were recognized for collecting the most inks cartridges and achieving the highest per capita recycling rate. In his speech, he reiterated the importance of environmental protection for the younger generation and encouraged all students to make recycling a daily habit to give new life to all used materials.
After the ceremony, students and teachers also enjoyed the green recycling booth and workshops. These activities included a Banner Upcycling Workshop hosted by Canon Hong Kong’s green partner “The Green Earth”, which turned old banners into functional handicrafts such as Octopus cardholders or name card holders. Green Earth volunteers also shared landfill issues facing Hong Kong and hoped to raise students’ concerns and awareness about the importance of material recycling. The Canon Creative Park Workshop allowed students to experience making 3D paper crafts, while Baguio iRecycle Limited set up an educational game booth teaching students how to identify the seven types of plastic classification and the correct methods of recycling. Additionally, there was an instant photo shoot and print service co-located with the program ambassador, McDull Mascot, which brought up the highlight of the event.
In line with Canon’s corporate philosophy “Kyosei,” Canon Hong Kong advocates for a green product lifecycle in all operational processes, which has been the foundation of the “Ink Cartridge Recycling Program” since its launch in 2009. In 2011, Canon Hong Kong extended the program to the local education sector and launched the “Canon x McDull Inter-school Ink Cartridge Recycling Competition” for primary and secondary schools. Over the years, Canon Hong Kong has organized more than 200 sessions of “Environmental Seminar” for participating schools, reaching over 66,000 students to promote the importance of green recycling.

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