The 2024 Haikou (Singapore) Tourism Promotion Event was successfully held

Media OutReach Newswire – 20 June 2024 – Haikou and Singapore are geographically close, have convenient transportation, and frequent cultural exchanges. The two places have commonalities and complementarities in terms of natural landscapes, cultural customs, and specialty cuisines. On May 30th, the 2024 Singapore-Haikou Landscape Lake International Golf Invitational Series was launched in Haikou Landscape Lake, and the 2024 Haikou (Singapore) Tourism Promotion Conference was held simultaneously, hosted by the Bureau of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of Haikou City. Mainstream media reporters, competing players and businessmen from Singapore came to Haikou, and from an international perspective, they conveyed Haikou’s economic and social development as well as its tourism and cultural resources to the world.

01 Showcasing Haikou’s City Brand to Increase Inbound Tourism Market

“By promoting high-quality external exchange activities, delivering the ‘Haikou voice’ to Southeast Asia, and showcasing Haikou’s new image, we are adding new vitality to Haikou’s tourism and culture industry in terms of both ‘bringing in’ and ‘going out’,” said a relevant official from the Bureau of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of Haikou City. The promotion event also highlighted the function of investment attraction, focusing on promoting the tourism, culture and agriculture industries, introducing Haikou’s tourism resources, investment environment, and tourism and culture investment projects.

The promotion event was themed “Setting Forth from the ‘New’ and Embracing the Constant Journey”. Xi Zhiqiang, President of the Haikou Tourism Commodity and Equipment Association, promoted Haikou’s tourism, culture, and the charm of the city based on the South-sea culture and urban heritage. The Haikou Meilan District and Longhua District respectively introduced their regional resources and industrial advantages. As one of the major members of the “Haikou Economic Circle”, the Wenchang Municipal Bureau of Tourism and Culture also brought the introduction of space tourism resources for the participants, sharing the sentiments of the hometown of overseas Chinese.

In addition, the theme promotion of “Hainan Chicken Rice” featured presentations by young tourism professionals from the Haikou Street Arts Association, Haikou Intangible Cultural Heritage Association, Haikou Wedding Association, and the founder of the local Haikou pastry brand Vivian. Through sharing their entrepreneurial stories, they fully showcased Haikou’s tourism and cultural attractions, the charm of top Haikou companies, and Haikou’s great business environment.

Recently, Hainan province issued the “Several Measures to Further Promote the Integration of Culture, Sports, Tourism and Commerce to Expand Consumption” policy, which has further improved the convenience for overseas visitors entering and going through customs. It has also provided convenient payment services for tourists visiting Haikou, and these measures have made the growth potential of Haikou’s inbound tourism market particularly promising. In 2024, the Singapore Haikou Laguna Golf Invitational Series will be held passionately at Laguna Golf, and Haikou, leveraging its unique tourism and sports resources, is actively seizing the opportunity of hosting international events to showcase the city’s charm, further promoting the deep integration of sports and tourism, and expanding the inbound tourism market.

02 Integration of Agriculture and Tourism, Expanding Overseas Channels for Local Agricultural Products

“The volcanic region has long sunshine hours, and the sweetness of the Haikou lychee king is particularly high, generally reaching over 18 degrees.” At the promotion event, Liao Shaoman, Director of the Xiu’ing District Tourism and Culture Bureau, passionately introduced the Haikou volcanic lychee to the participants, and the event also allowed everyone to sample the volcanic lychee king.

“When I came to Haikou last year, it was the lychee season, and after tasting it, I couldn’t forget it. This year, I specifically chose this season to come and want to bring some back to Singapore for my family to try,” said Wong Chin Chyi, a Singaporean media reporter, while sampling the volcanic lychee king. The volcanic lychee from Haikou is juicy and sweet, with a small pit and abundant flesh, making it not only a great gift item, but also a representative symbol of Haikou’s local agricultural products.

To expand overseas sales channels and marketing, promote the shared value creation of geographical indication products, and extend the tourism industry value chain, the Bureau of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of Haikou City has collaborated with “Tmall Taobao Global” to include relevant Hainan specialty products in the “618 Grand Promotion” on the Taobao Singapore platform. Singaporean users can enjoy discounts on Hainan specialties by entering a promotional code when placing orders on Taobao.

In addition, the offline display area of the promotion event was quite distinctive, captivating the guests. It included a sales area showcasing the province’s renowned products, specialty items, and agritourism goods; a “Nanyang-themed” Haikou specialty gift area; a “travel photography + interactive” romantic Haikou themed area; and an intangible cultural heritage and cultural creative products Haikou themed area, where the integration of intangible cultural heritage, cultural creativity, and modern design attracted many attendees to stop and appreciate the exhibits.

03 The Dual Effect of Cultural Dissemination and On-Site “Seed Planting”

On the eve of this promotion event, a topic titled “Invitation to the Love of Haikou” had already been preheated on overseas social media platforms. As it garnered widespread attention and lively discussion from international friends, Haikou seized the opportunity to launch an interactive “Haikou’s Mysterious Big Gift” themed activity, allowing event guests and numerous overseas visitors to participate and experience Haikou’s enthusiasm and vitality in advance.

On the day of the promotion event, Haikou invited guests from Singapore to freely explore the Qilou Old Street, share their on-site experiences, and evoke resonance, achieving the dual effect of cultural dissemination and tourism “seed planting.” “The local delicacies here, such as the chilled dessert ‘Qingbuling’ and the spicy rice dish, are especially authentic!” exclaimed Patrick Daniel, a media reporter from Singapore. The Qilou Old Street not only has a strong historical ambiance, but is also full of the lively atmosphere of everyday life.

Going forward, Haikou will take a more open posture, utilize more abundant resources, provide higher-quality services, and create a more friendly environment. It will proactively integrate into the tide of international cultural and tourism exchanges, and sincerely invite both domestic and overseas guests to explore the charming and colorful Coconut City, hoping that visitors will come from the sea and together experience Haikou’s infinite vitality and allure!

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