The 2024 JCI Asia-Pacific Conference in Angkor Wat, Cambodia Concludes Successfully

The Asia-Pacific Conference gathered over 2,000 youth representatives from 19 countries and regions

Facilitated over 10 memoranda of understanding and agreements covering various industries such as corporate training and e-commerce

JBI business matching activity gathered over 10 countries, 30 industry representatives, and 500 participants for exchange

“Hong Kong Night” had a great atmosphere and attracted over 2,000 attendees

Media OutReach Newswire – 12 June 2024 – The annual JCI Asia-Pacific Conference (ASPAC) which wqas held in Angkor, Cambodia from June 6-9 has concluded successfully. This 4-day Asia-Pacific Conference connected over 2,000 youth representatives from 19 countries and regions through a series of business exchange sessions, meetings and training sessions, enabling them to share innovative ideas and expand their international network.

“Hong Kong Night”, attracted approximately 2000 participants, was also an unforgettable moment of the Asia-Pacific conference. The Hong Kong organizers showcased Hong Kong’s appeal and unique characteristics as an East-meets-West metropolis through elements like the “MTR” and “Dragon”.

JCI Hong Kong Facilitated Multiple Cooperation Agreements, Serving as an Important Bridge for China-Cambodia Collaboration

Demonstrating Hong Kong’s Role as a “Super Connector”

Left – JCI Audit Committee Chairperson and 2015 National President Anthony Leung, JCI Hong Kong National President Ben Mak, Director of Economic & Trade Office Bangkok Mr. Parson Lam, JCI Advisory Board Chairperson, HKJC Foundation Chairman and 2008 National President Eric Tang, Deputy Director of Economic & Trade Office Bangkok Ms. Teresa Poon, Deputy Director of Economic & Trade Office Bangkok Mr. Jason Chow.

This year’s Asia-Pacific Conference connected over 200 representatives from various enterprises and organizations across the Asia-Pacific region, resulting in the signing of 10 cooperation MOUs and agreements. As a key facilitator of these collaborative efforts, JCI Hong Kong met with officials from the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Bangkok, including Director Mr. Lam Chun-wah, Deputy Director Mr. Chau Chin-ching, Ms. Poon Yuen-Chi and Head of Investment Promotion Mr. Panakorn Dejthumrongwat, during the official business luncheon on 6th June which was witnessed by these officials, the following cooperation MOUs and agreements were reached:

Hong Kong SENSE TRAINING HOUSE LIMITED and Cambodia’s Educational Development Institute

Hong Kong SUPERTECH ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY LTD and Cambodia’s Enidea Sdn Bhd/Engame Limited

The above 10 agreements cover cooperation in various sectors such as corporate training and e-commerce, creating new global collaboration opportunities and demonstrating Hong Kong’s role as a global “super connector”.

Cross-Industry Business and Investment Matchmaking Event Gathers Over 30 Sector Representatives and 400 Participants

Helping to Expand Business Opportunities and Connections

The business exchange event attracted more than 400 business representatives from nearly 30 different industries in different regions of the Asia-Pacific region.

The business exchange event attracted more than 400 business representatives from nearly 30 different industries in different regions of the Asia-Pacific region.

JCI in Business (JIB) – As a business matching platform connecting Junior Chamber International (JCI) members globally, successfully organized an impactful business exchange activity on June 7th. The event attracted over 400 participants, including representatives from more than 30 industries across the Asia-Pacific region, such as health, education, e-commerce, and information technology.

The event successfully facilitated partnerships and investment opportunities for the participating enterprises, thereby expanding the business prospects for young entrepreneurs.

Hong Kong Night Facilitates Vibrant Cross-Cultural Exchanges and Lasting Friendships


The “Hong Kong Night” event attracted more than 2,000 people to experience Hong Kong culture and Hong Kong-style snacks

The “Hong Kong Night” event held on 7th June provided one of the most unforgettable moments during the Asia-Pacific Conference. The venue was decorated with themed elements of the “dragon” and “MTR”, attracting over 2,000 young delegates and visitors worldwide to participate in this cultural celebration.

Various traditional Hong Kong game booths, such as throwing rainbow rings and flip-flop throwing, as well as an abundance of authentic Hong Kong delicacies, allowed attendees to fully immerse themselves in the vibrant Hong Kong culture. Impressive Kung Fu performances by local chapter presidents of JCI Hong Kong also added to the lively atmosphere. The grand finale of the lion and dragon dances captivated participants from all countries, becoming a highlight of the event. The “Hong Kong Night” ultimately concluded in a joyous ambiance, successfully showcasing Hong Kong’s warm and hospitable cultural character while also facilitating exchanges and friendships among the young attendees.

The Junior Chamber International (JCI) Asia-Pacific Conference is always one of the most prominent global events each year, actively organizing delegation visits and international exchange conferences. The JCI Hong Kong and its local branches regularly send representatives to attend, seizing the opportunity to interact and establish strong connections with young delegates from different countries and regions, all with the shared aspiration of bringing positive changes to the world. This Angkor Wat expedition has further expanded the international perspectives of the Hong Kong delegation.

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