The 7th edition of TiE Global Summit reinvigorates new energy for the entrepreneur and startup world

The Global Summit witnesses record breaking 1,00,000 interactions between high-potential entrepreneurs in 60 hours

Mumbai/Hyderabad, 15 December 2022 – The grand finale of the TiE Global Summit 2022 saw some of the finest and power-packed segments of igniting and exchanging of ideas through keynote speeches, fireside chats, and panel discussions on subjects of the technology climate, immersive technology in cinema, SMEs and women entrepreneurship among others by esteemed panelists and guest speakers. A parallel highlight was the TiE University Pitch Fest Grand Finale.

The TiE Global Summit 2022 witnessed, the first-of-its kind, pioneering initiative called TGS100, aimed at recognizing 100 emerging startups and to enable them with a global platform for exposure to investors. TGS100 will aid the startups with recognition, investors, mentors and networking by placing them in the limelight of industry experts and visionaries globally.

Mr. Murali Bukkapatnam, Co-Chair, TiE Global Summit and Vice-Chairman, TiE Global, said at the unveiling for the TGS100 Publication, “6 months ago, we opened the doors for emerging entrepreneurs, to be recognized on a global platform. The host chapter of Hyd sowed the seeds for TGS100 initiative – the new alternative asset, recognizing 100 emerging startups”. Mr. Suresh Raju, Co-Chair, TiE Global Summit and President, TiE Hyderabad, added “The Structure and form of TGS100 was designed by the tie global team in collaboration with academia. Global startups participated in the competition, ranging from agritech, gaming, web3.0 and metaverse to health, e-commerce, travel, animation to green energy, and defence”.

Renowned actor, Investor and Entrepreneur Mr. Suneil Shetty was seen in conversation about his entrepreneurial journey from movies to startups, he spoke about the importance of having a good product and believing in your product. He said, “If your product is good, you know for a fact that this is what the eventual valuation of your company is going to be thanks to your product. Nowadays everybody is looking at the valuation and the destination, but what about the journey at every step? That is when tough mentors need to come in to break it step by step”.

The TiE Global Summit hosted the grand finale of its highlight event – TiE Women’s Pitch Fest, an initiative to recognize and empower female entrepreneurs. The grand prize of USD 50,000 was bestowed upon Ms. Azima Dhanjee, the Founder of ConnectHear, a social start-up working for sign language accessibility and deaf inclusion in Pakistan.

Yet another brilliant Keynote Speech on the opportunity in India was delivered by Mr. Awais Ahmed, CEO, Pixxel. He said, “We are the first Indian company to launch a private satellite called Shakuntala. One of the primary factors was that India has a lot of talent, expertise, and infrastructure in space technology. Given the experience, infra here we have in India by ISRO there was no reason why a global company couldn’t be built out of India as well and that was the germination of the idea for Pixxel”.

In a fireside on Capital Markets Driving India’s Growth this Decade, Mr. Utpal Sheth. CEO, RARE Enterprises said, “The aspiration for every startup is to evolve being a legend but is an arduous journey. Requires a lot of sacrifice and the ability to overcome a lot of challenges. Resilience is fundamental to that journey; aspiration is only second to it”.

A fireside chat with Mr. Paul Holland (General Partner, Foundation Capital) and Mr. Rich Karlgaard (Publisher, Forbes Magazine) saw them bring up a discussion on ‘Disrupting the Status Quo: Netflix Story & More’. Mr. Holland said, “Initially during analyst calls, people thought of Netflix as a traditional media company and couldn’t understand the size of the market they were going after. Judging by traditional media metrics, they had no idea that Netflix was going to light up a billion people around the world and enable the entire economy of streaming and content that we know today”.

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