The Bombay Art Society’s Monsoon Show flagged off with 120 paintings by 63 masters on display

1st to 10th August 2022 at The Bombay Art Society, Bandra(W), Mumbai

Mumbai 3rd August 2022: The Bombay Art Society flagged off their first-ever Monsoon show on 1st August 2022. The show will see participation from 63 masters and established artists whose 120 paintings and sculptures will be on display at The Bombay Art Society, Opp. Rang Sharada, Bandra Reclamation till 10th August 2022. The show was inaugurated by Shri. Suhas Bahulkar Eminent artist and Art writer and Shri Vishwanath Sable, Director (Directorate of Art, Mumbai) along with Shri. Rajendra Patil, President, The Bombay Art Society.

Monsoon is one of the prime inspirations for creative minds for ages! Rain is nature’s art! Sound of rain, intoxicating earthy smell, sparkling blossoms, blooming greenery, misty city lights, rain drenched shiny roads, beautiful rainbow in the sky – all these nature’s expressions during monsoon fuel imagination and inspire artists. However, not necessarily every artist portrays nature’s moods, though their usual creative work may have implicit influence of the season.

Mr. Rajendra Patil, President of The Bombay Art Society shared, “With available resources, time and again Bombay Art Society has been promoting visual art since 1888 is expanding its activities to accommodate the aspirations of art fraternity at large. The Monsoon show is the Society’s effort to exhibit artworks by veteran and young artists, invite arts-inclined audiences and expand the base of art patronage in the region. The success of our earlier exhibitions in the recent past are testimony of our efforts to build quality audiences for The Bombay Art Society art galleries at Bandra and exhibitions like Monsoon show is a step forward in the direction.”

Shri Suhas Bahulkar Artist and Art Writer shared, “This is an excellent initiative taken by The Bomaby Art Society. In its 133 year old history, this is the first time that The Bombay Art Society is hosting a Monsoon Art Show. It is shows like these which will help in encouraging the artists to create more and unique art works which can be displayed in this hallowed institution.”

Noted masters and established artists like Vasudev Kamat, Vijay Achrekar, Raosaheb Gurav, D S Rane, Shubha Gokhale, Sujata Achrekar, Anant Nikam, Ravindra Pawar, Ratan Saha, Ramji Sharma, Ramesh Thorat, Uttam Chapate and many more will be on display.



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