The Chambers presents an exquisite culinary evening with Chef Jeffrey Vella at Taj Mahal, New Delhi

Award-winning Chef – Jeffrey Vella at The Chambers, Taj Mahal, New Delhi

Delhi, 15th September 2023 – The Chambers at Taj Mahal, New Delhi, set the stage for an exceptional gourmet experience presenting Rendezvous with celebrated Chef Jeffrey Vella as a part of The Culinary Chronicles series. The evening witnessed an exquisite array of delicacies, meticulously paired with a selection of handpicked beverages, creating a confluence of culinary artistry and flavours.

Hailing from the rich heritage of Malta and a family of hoteliers, Chef Jeffrey Vella has always possessed an innate passion for hospitality. Throughout his journey, he has refined his skills by working alongside culinary legends such as Gordon Ramsay, Alain Ducasse, and Jean Christophe Novelli. Chef Vella’s illustrious career has taken him to esteemed establishments across the globe and he currently holds the prestigious position of Corporate Culinary Director at the acclaimed restaurant Cap Aureo, nestled in the captivating city of Rovinj, Croatia.

The crafted menu unfolded as a gastronomic masterpiece for both non-vegetarians and vegetarians alike and featured dishes such as Cauliflower simmered with fresh goat’s cheese, caramelised yeast, and truffles; Barbecued aubergine miso with aglio olio e pepperoncino of octopus, and a Risotto classically prepared with scampi juices and involtini. These exquisite creations were thoughtfully paired with Zonin Prosecco, Côtes du Rhône Reserve, and Bodega Norton Malbec.

Commenting on his visit, Chef Jeffrey Vella expressed, “It’s an honour to present the flavours of Cap Aureo at the legendary Taj Mahal, New Delhi. This culinary rendezvous represents a fusion of cultures, a harmonious blend of Mediterranean and Indian influences. With every dish meticulously crafted and each ingredient thoughtfully selected, I hope that each bite will evoke the warmth of my country and create a memorable experience for the guests.”

Commenting on the Rendezvous, Chef Arun Sundararaj, Director of Culinary Operations, Taj Mahal, New Delhi, said, “Rendezvous at The Chambers goes beyond dining – it’s a journey celebrating the world’s finest culinary talents. With Chef Jeffrey Vella, we embarked on an enchanting exploration of flavours, and it has been our privilege to bring his exceptional culinary narrative to our patrons.”

As part of the Rendezvous series presented by The Chambers, Chef Jeffrey Vella is poised to bring his next culinary showcase to the iconic Taj Mahal Palace & Towers, Mumbai, on September 16, 2023.

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