The Experience Advantage:

As many companies focus on finding ways to get their employees back to pre-pandemic operations, new Salesforce research reveals that nearly 7 in 10 U.S. workers believe the office should not look the same as it did before. Moreover, 66% say it will take more than great perks to lure them back into the office. Flexibility, on the other hand, continues to be the leading contributor to an exceptional employee experience. The data also reveals that deeper elements — like collaboration and purpose — are growing markers of what keeps employees motivated and happy.

Top 3 factors that define exceptional employee experience

Flexibility with my work location
A team that works well together
A sense of purpose in my work

Flexibility is the cost of entry in today’s workplace — and managers must take note

Employees crave the freedom of flexibility, and it’s no longer a nice-to-have. According to the research, the connections employees have with one another (and in particular, between managers and direct reports) is what fosters a culture of flexibility. Managers must listen to their teams regarding what works for them. The majority of the U.S. workforce polled say they value managers who listen and act on feedback. Nearly 9 in 10 say it motivates them to do their best work. However, few see it come to fruition in their own job, as only 39% of survey participants report their manager acting on feedback given.

The death of ‘Hero’ culture at work

Connected teams that collaborate well are linchpins in keeping employees motivated. According to the latest findings, nearly 9 in 10 employees feel motivated to do their best work when they have clear goals and expectations, and when they have a team that works well together.

Today’s employees crave purpose and connection

Employees’ happiness at work hinges on elements like purpose, belonging, and authenticity. More than 8 in 10 U.S. workers claim their happiness at work is impacted if they feel a sense of purpose and belonging. A similar number (80%) say the same about being able to bring their authentic self to work.

Employee experience is more than just perks

As businesses build new working structures for their company, the research shows that it’s time to focus less on office mandates or superficial perks and more on rising drivers of meaningful employee experience. While these drivers might seem less tangible, they ultimately hold the key to employee motivation and happiness.


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