The glory of Physics Wallah: Alakh Pandey and 20,000 Physics Wallah Students Come Together to celebrate the impact PW is creating in Bharat’s education landscape

Physics Wallah has become a torch bearer with an impressive track record, with over 20,000 Students excelling in the NEET UG 2023 exam. The incredible day at Kota witnessed Alakh Pandey addressing the 20,000 students who had gathered to celebrate the incredible success. This milestone celebrates PW’s relentless pursuit of excellence and Alakh Pandey’s inherent value as an academician who is truly creating impact and changing Bharat’s education sector.

Physics Wallah, a leading Unicorn in the educational space, has achieved a momentous feat in the recent NEET results. A total of 15 students from Physics Wallah’s NEET Batches exhibited exceptional performance, scoring over 700 marks, including an impressive 7 students securing the top 100 AIR. The incredible day at Kota has unleashed the intellectual tsunami that democratizes academic success for the many presents there. The institute’s unwavering commitment to providing affordable and cost-effective education has paved the way for a brighter future, where quality education is accessible to all.

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