The Hyderabad Public School Honors Esteemed Alumnus Harsha Bhogle with Excellence for Sports Commentary and Journalism award

Hyderabad, 25 January 2024: The Hyderabad Public School, a symbol of academic brilliance, has bestowed the esteemed ‘Excellence for Sports Commentary and Journalism Award’ upon the esteemed alumnus Harsha Bhogle, a renowned Indian cricket commentator. The recognition ceremony was attended by Mr. Gusti Noria, President of the HPS Society, and Dr. Skand Bali, the Principal, underscoring The Hyderabad Public School’s dedication to recognizing remarkable contributions to society.

On his visit to his alma mater, Mr. Bhogle recently addressed students from classes 3rd to 8th. During his insightful talk, he walked down memory lane, reminiscing about his own school experiences. Mr. Bhogle shared how he enjoyed every aspect of school life, including his active involvement in writing for the school magazine.

He emphasized the importance of maintaining a balance between academics and sports, reassuring students that the 24 hours a day provide ample time to excel in both areas. Furthermore, he cautioned against falling in love with cell phones, advising students to use their time wisely and not let digital distractions hinder their overall development.

Mr. Bhogle stressed the value of loyalty, more significantly, to the school that has bestowed upon them so much. His words serve as a reminder for students to cherish and appreciate the opportunities and values imparted by the institution that has played a crucial role in shaping their lives.

Mr.Gusti Noria, President of the HPS Society, stated that ” Mr. Harsha Bhogle’s achievements symbolize the school’s commitment to fostering positive change on a global scale. His success stands as a testimony to the transformative power of hard work, humbleness, and kindness. His outstanding contributions make him a shining example for our students, and we take great pride in calling him one of our own”.

In response to the honor, Harsha Bhogle stated, “I am sincerely humbled to receive this award from my alma mater. The values and education I received during my time at HPS have been instrumental in shaping my career and guiding my professional journey. Coming back to the school for this recognition feels like a heartfelt homecoming. It is a reminder of the strong bonds and sense of belonging that one feels when returning to the roots of their educational journey. I am truly honored and look forward to continuing to contribute positively to society, inspired by the rich educational legacy of my alma mater.”

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