The Launch of the Inaugural Integrity Labs – Israel Cyber Security Day

 – 14 December 2021 – COVID-19 has expedited the digital
transformation of Hong Kong enterprises and reshaped people’s work patterns and
online habits. This shift has brought cyber security to the fore, emphasizing
the risks that must be tackled with the ascendancy of hybrid workplace models,
online business processes, and remote collaboration. Grappling
with these contemporary issues, the inaugural Integrity Labs –
Israel Cyber Security Day
, a new flagship event for the industry, took
place today at The Langham Hotel in Hong Kong. Hosted by Integrity Labs
(“i-Labs”), Hong Kong’s leading Information and Communication Technology
company, the seminar revolved around the key question: “Are you prepared for
the next level of cyber challenges?”
The event fostered in-depth discussions
about finding synergies between cyber security technology businesses and
related industries, as well as opportunities for collaboration across Hong Kong
and Israel, a nation at the forefront of cyber security innovation.

Certificate presented by Ms. Katherine Li to Mr. Amir Lati, the Consul
General of the State of Israel in Hong Kong & Macau

Labs – Israel Cyber Security Day
successfully attracted more than 50 industry
delegates, with Mr. Amir Lati, the Consul General of the State of Israel in Hong
Kong & Macau, acting as the officiating guest. In his speech, he expressed,
“We saw a big increase of overseas funds in Israel in these years. And in fact,
it’s not surprising that the sector that attracted most of the foreign
investments was Information Technologies that is essential for internet communication
services during the corona (46%), second after it is life sciences. IT
technologies will continue to be a leading role in the days of COVID and after,
whether it’s for communication, cloud storage, protection of information, data
analysis and more. I am happy that today there are representatives with us from
the Israeli companies in this broad field that already have operations in Hong
Kong. We see Hong Kong as an important partner and our
consulate’s first and foremost mission as to enhance the economic ties with
Hong Kong on governmental cooperation (for example to implement the industrial
R&D agreement between Israel and HKG), as well as the corporate and
investor side.”

Due to geopolitical factors, Israel attaches great importance to cyber
security. Education on this topic starts in middle school and extends to specialized
undergraduate and postgraduate training. Israel even became the first country to
offer Ph.D. programmes in cyber security. As a result, it is now a cyber security
powerhouse at the centre of an $82 billion industry, with more than 300 local cyber
security businesses, exporting $6.5 billion in cyber security products last
year, convincing more than 30 multinationals to open local R&D centres, and
attracting a plethora of foreign investors. Reflecting the country’s ongoing commitment
to promoting cyber security around the world, Integrity Labs – Israel Cyber
Security Day
aims to establish a platform for exchange and cooperation that
connects Hong Kong and Israel’s enterprises, inviting cross-regional industry
leaders and experts to share knowledge, foster symbiotic partnerships, and
promote cyber security as a beacon of economic promise for China and the rest
of the world.

Ms. Katherine Li, Chief Executive Officer of
i-Labs, remarked, “We see that cyber security awareness in Hong Kong is rising,
but in general, the private sector lacks support in terms of guidance and
regulations to enable proper risk assessment and all-rounded solutions. That’s
why we are dedicated to introducing more innovative and new companies that bring
simple but comprehensive security solutions to the market and partner with our
local manufacturers for overall solutions. Furthermore, we’re thrilled to
announce the upcoming launch of our own i-Labs Managed Security Service Provider,
a comprehensive security service that allows our clients to assess,
mitigate and prevent the threat of cyber-attacks. It provides all levels of
enterprise network security services to meet the specific needs of our customers,
from SMEs to the most demanding multinational companies.”

addition to the thought-provoking discussion on cyber security innovation and applications,
the seminar also ignited a conversation on the transformation triggered by
COVID-19, which has made cyber security a hot topic for future enterprise
development. In response to rising market demand, i-Labs will continue developing
products and solutions that combine scientific research and technology
applications. Simultaneously, i-Labs is committed to bridging experts and enterprises
in Israel and Hong Kong to enhance global cyber security standards.

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