The Legendary Genius Maestro Dev Arastu Panchariya discovered a historic revolution in Artificial Intelligence. Provides groundbreaking key to accomplish extraordinary “Human Machines”

Great Theoretical Physicist and Cosmologist Stephen W. Hawking once quoted that “Computers will overtake humans with AI (Artificial Intelligence) at some point within the next 100 years. When that happens, we need to make sure the computers have goals aligned with ours”. It’s not even been a decade to that saying and here we are with this prediction seems to be coming true. It has came to us when the well-known genius & Indian-born polymath and the remarkably “Next Einstein”, the Theoretical Physicist, Mathematician, Economist and Philosopher; Dev Arastu Panchariya has discovered quite a high leap in the field of Artificial Intelligence that actually allows to direct such an automated or machine-type systems that not only behave like humans but also think and emote likewise at the highest degree.

The discovery abbreviated as “The Theory of Natural – Artificial Intelligence” has been corroborated and published in the very eminent “European Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning”. The discovery is so revolutionary and original that it is published under the most preliminary recognition of the Royal Library of Belgium in this regime. The fundamental idea of Prof. Dev Arastu can be easily recognized being something unimaginably tough even to think.

The theory has been scrutinize multiple times by some of the most prominent people of AI & machine learning across the globe and then eventually it is considered as a highly original and revolutionary milestone, thus published without any further revision and with the highest plausible remarks. Such rarely original ideas are always a subject of a lot of sensitivity and when they’re published, the history we know changes. In the actual published manuscript of the theory (, Prof. Dev Arastu proposed a broad range of mathematical structures accounted around eleven different theoretical and mathematical notions as theories that represent the mapping and direction to attain the extremity where a human brain and systems of machine intersects described as at the highest possible degrees respectively.

The cardinal tests and analysis based reviews of the theory proven exceptionally original with exceptionally accurate indexes as indications of astoundingly indigenous. It is undoubtedly a very new & advanced direction, to everything known until now. This remarkably revolutionary legacy and theory of Dev Arastu Panchariya has shaken the world and it’s surprising how accurately it’s been devised.

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