The National Anti-Corruption Commission Thailand (NACC) collaborates with Bangkok to combat and reduce corruption in 50 Bangkok’s districts through a strong community project

Media OutReach – 29 May 2023 – On May 22, 2023, Mr. Niwatchai Kasemmongkol, Secretary General of The National Anti-Corruption Commission Thailand (NACC), and Mr. Chadchat Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok, are jointly co-chair over the activities of a seminar to promote the anti-corruption approach and reduce corruption through the STRONG: Together against Corruption (TaC) or “Strong Community Project for Self-Development in accordance with the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy 2023”, fiscal year 2023, a project that the NACC has assisted the Bangkok in managing project transparently Along with making a 403 million baht budget worthwhile.
“Strong Community Project for Self-Development in accordance with the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy 2023” is a part of Bangkok’s developing city policy. Bangkok has a policy to develop the community to be a livable city by using new management principles. It is the principle of public participation, people can think and solve problems by themselves with the support of the government and private sector, which makes it possible to solve problems in the way that people in the community need. It supports the development of quality of life and community to be strong and self-sufficient.
The goal of this seminar is to develop an understanding of the fundamentals for preventing possibility fraud risk as well as collaboration between the NACC and Bangkok Anti-Corruption Operation Center to promote corruption prevention in the Bangkok area, with the goal of upgrading Bangkok to be a capital city that transparent, without bribery and all forms of corruption. There is a target group around 600 people, participating events at the Bangkok Room, Irawat Pattana Building, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, including executives, NACC officials, Bangkok authorities and the board for creating community development plans at the district level 50 districts, each with ten people, who assisted in the process of giving the funds to communities in the Bangkok, 200,00 baht per community. The activities were attended by 2,014 community representatives from the Bangkok area via an electronic meeting (Zoom Webinar).
Following the opening ceremony, there was a discussion about “Preventing the Risk of Corruption in the Implementation of the Strong Community Project for Self-Development in accordance with the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy 2023” by “Mr. Teerat Bangpetch, Director of the NACC’s Bureau of Promotion and Integration about Anti-Participating in Corruption”, “Mr. Sanyakorn Ounmeesri, Director of the Social Development Office”, “Mrs. Chonlathorn Duangsawat, Director of Community Development and Economic Promotion Section”, “Mr. Paradorn Na Songkhla, Head of Promotion and Development Community 3” and “Mrs. Amphawan Pukdam, Professional Lawyer, Comptroller General’s Department, Ministry of Finance” to discuss the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s process of operation, criteria and regulations for project implementation. Including the procurement regulations under the Public Procurement and Supplies Administration Act. B.E. 2560 (2017).
And lead to responses to questions from stakeholders such as community leaders, Bangkok officials and STRONG-mindedness community network about the risk of fraud in some stages of the project or failure to operate in compliance with the legislation. The speakers collaborating to answer questions and provide best advice to participants both in the meeting room and via the electronic conferencing system.
NACC’s the Bureau of Promotion and Integration of Anti-Participation Promotion Corruption will summarize the results of this seminar and gathering questions and answers from speakers in order to report to the NACC Secretary-General and the Governor of Bangkok, for sharing and using them as a guideline operating for project operator, communities in Bangkok and the STRONG-mindedness community network to utilize as a framework for operating “Strong Community Project for Self-Development in accordance with the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy 2023”,of the fiscal year 2023.
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