The New Wealth: Mental Health

Our world is a constant changing platform wherein something which is important and relevant today might not be that relevant tomorrow. In these times, the only topic which is day by day growing in its importance is Mental Wellness. It’s time to bring this topic out of the closet. Mental health not only includes our psychological wellbeing but also our emotional and social wellbeing. It influences an individual’s thoughts, emotions, and even behaviour in various life situations. Mental health determines how a person handles stressful situations, interpersonal relationships and successfully caters to their peace of mind. Mental wellness is a very important part of our lives which still remains ignored by many. Mental wellness should not only be taken into account when there is some evident mental illness but it’s also important to take care of it in our everyday lives.

There is a growing need for today’s generation to gain awareness about mental Health. Now that mental health is less of a taboo, it needs to gain a platform wherein people can understand how to successfully take care of their own mental health. Our world has recently gone through a global pandemic which was not only a vulnerable period for our physical health but also an equally vulnerable period for our mental health. This makes it a more critical time to focus on how to maintain our mental wellness. As people went through massive life stressors, some of which they might not have faced before, their mental health condition was surely at stake. Starting from adjusting to everything going online such as schools and colleges to staying at home suddenly without being able to go out, these stressful situations were faced by all. In such times, we need to make sure that we do something to ensure better mental wellness.

This is precisely the reason why we should make mental health more of a global priority. In developing countries, like India, mental health is still a concept for the rich. There are innumerable numbers of people going through various mental health illnesses but still do not come forward to seek help because of the social taboos and financial issues associated with it. With growing mental health issues, there is a growing need for quality treatment in India which is seldom fulfilled. Over one lakh fifty thousand MBBS students pass out every year and almost fifteen lakhs engineers graduate each year in India, but the number of mental health professionals to graduate each year is incredibly low. This produces a huge gap in providing the mental wellness care our country now needs. The treatment gap is further widened by the personal and social beliefs in the majority of people along with the unavailability of affordable and quality treatment opportunities.

The road to mental wellbeing, therefore, starts with social awareness. We need to take care of our mental state and start doing things for ourselves. There are small efforts which we can take to make ourselves feel better. Finding time for yourself, doing something which you absolutely love, cultivating a new hobby, practicing mindfulness and different relaxation techniques, regular exercise and journaling are a few of the many things which might be helpful not only in maintaining happiness and life satisfaction in our daily lives but also would help to come through any stressful situations. Along with that, it is also very important to understand that whenever we are in any overwhelming situation, it’s better to ask for professional help. Seeking help is an important step towards taking care of our own mental wellbeing. It doesn’t make us look weak; rather it shows how much we care for our health and love ourselves.

MindPlus is one of the leading mental health service providers in India. Mind Plus is accredited by NABH. We provide a high-quality service at par with international healthcare standards. We aim to provide innovative, consistent and continuously improving preventive and rehabilitative mental health services to sustain and further improve clinical outcomes, patient safety & patient satisfaction. We believe in building trust by being respectful, open, and transparent. We treat individuals whilst maintaining their rights and dignity and that of their families. We work in a multidisciplinary team to make a treatment plan which caters to the overall needs of the patient. The treatment plan not only includes medications and psychotherapy but also includes the needed social skills training, awareness, and support for the patient as well as their caregivers. Mind plus is not only a mental wellness hospital which gives the young professionals an opportunity to provide quality care to the patients but it also gives us the platform to raise much-needed awareness in the community.

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