The popping star Shyam Sidhawat alongside Ayushi Dave are Ready to make a big move in the entertainment business

The UK-based dancer, Ayushi Dave is Up for International dance collaboration with reknowned Dancer/choreographer Shyam Sidhawat for an Upcoming YouTube project.

Dance is the Hidden language of the soul.

This pandemic got everyone Held and bound to their Home. That is when these two came together and thought of bringing everyone to the Rescue by giving their best performances online for everyone to enjoy.

Shyam Sidhawat has been dancing for a long time now, and eventually got his fame from social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. He has so many major viral hits on these platforms and he is having more than 2 lac, followers, on social media. He just received the Silver play button from YouTube.

He is trying to spread positivity with his art form, he has been making people laugh and happy with his content on different social media platforms.

He has won lots of competitions locally and nationally in India including winning Just Dance India Season 2 and 3. Being the first runner-up in season one and the first winner in season 3 of Just Dance India.

He has entertained millions of people with his amazing popping skills and Ayushi Dave adding more to this talent will be grooving on a remix feat for the YouTube dance project after many local collaborations shyam sidhawat is now ready to step out of his comfort zone and aim for a few international ones.

Shyam Sidhawat has already collaborated with a few celebrities like Riya Subodh, Malhar Thakkar, Ritu Bhagwani, Badshah, etc.

Shyam sidhawat mentions –

“Stay tuned for the update for this upcoming project. It’s going to be a huge project; details will be out soon on his Instagram and YouTube channels. Gear up for a big hit in the entertainment business guys”

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