The Taitung Cozy Hot Spring Festival: The coziest place in Taiwan starting at the end of 2021

TAITUNG, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 13 December 2021 – Taitung County, Taiwan, topped’s
most welcoming regions list in 2021 because of its slow pace of life. As winter approaches,
the Taitung County Government will launch The Taitung Cozy Hot Spring
in mid-December. The festival will
showcase the warmth of Taitung in three ways, through the intellect, emotions
and nature.

Taitung County Government will launch
The Taitung Cozy Hot Spring Festival in

Taitung Cozy Hot Spring Festival has classified Taitung’s diverse hot springs
into three types. The first type centers around refined hot spring hotels and
showcases the intellectual warmth of these exquisitely elegant spaces. The
second type centers around boutique B&Bs that feature the emotional warmth
of Taitung’s many interesting and varied facets. The third type centers around
free wild hot springs that exhibit the natural warmth of unrestrained freedom. These
three different types allow all kinds of visitors to experience the variety of Taitung’s
warmth during their visits.

County Magistrate April Yao stated that Taitung has 128 hot spring areas making
it rich in hot spring assets. Most of the hot springs here are bicarbonate, which
are known as Beauty Springs. They are not only colorless and odorless, but their
water stimulates metabolism. These springs can be found from Luye of the East
Rift Valley to the South Link. Located on Green Island, Taitung County, the
Zhaori Hot Springs, also known as the “Sunrise” hot spring, is one of the only three
saltwater hot springs in the world. What astonishes you most when travelling in
Taitung is that you can have different hot spring experiences wherever you are;
in the mountains, under a starry night sky or even besides the ocean.

a stress-relieving railway tour to the hot springs of Taitung on the Future
Express Train, the Formosa Express, which is decked out with Hello Kitty, or
the Breezy Blue. Leisurely railway travel meshes perfectly with tours of
Taitung’s tribes that showcase the charm of a land filled with hot springs. The
Taitung Cozy Hot Spring Festival

welcomes you to enjoy the slow economy of Taitung and create treasured memories
while enjoying the springs. This is something visitors find themselves doing
again and again all year long.

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