The Third Consecutive Year of Green Music Campaign – Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong is Committed to Promoting Sustainability and Encouraging Creativity

 – 20 December 2021 – Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong is committed to supporting
the healthy development of children as well as promoting sustainability,
encouraging everyone to integrate environmental protection into everyday lives.
Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong has launched the Green Music Campaign series since 2019.
As the third consecutive year of the campaign, Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong joint
hands with St. James’ Settlement FOOD-CO and arranged green workshops and a competition
and was successfully held last Saturday (December 18, 2021).

Photo caption: These photos showed the first two Green
Music workshop this year, during which all participating families were excited.

Photo description: This photo showed the prize ceremony
of the Green Music Campaign competition this year. Look how happy the winners were.

Used Materials for Drum-making while Encouraging Creativity

August, Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong kick-started the third Green Music Campaign
together with St James’ Settlement FOOD-CO and arranged 4 tutor-led workshops
which encouraged kids to make good use of their creativity to upcycle milk
powder cans into music drums. The 4 workshops attracted more than 50 families
and 70 children to participate and have collected more than 70 products for the
competition. The judging panel of the competition has finished the judging
process in October, with representatives of Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong and St.
James’ Settlement jointly selected the champion, first runner-up, second
runner-up and five merit winners, whose products are environmentally friendly,
creative and aesthetic. The prize ceremony was successfully held last Saturday
(December 18) and the winning products were exhibited at the same venue. The “Wyeth
Nutrition x FOOD-CO Sharing Day” was also held on the same day, arranged five
workshops in total with two drawing workshops and three Green Music workshops
to promote green living.

Mrs. Lau,
parent of the Champion of the competition, said: “Very happy to participate in
the Green Music workshop. Both my daughter and myself find the activity really meaningful
as it strengthens our mother-daughter relationship while promoting the idea of
green living, suggesting ways for us to protect the environment after consuming
the products.”

Mr. Mok, parent
of the Merit award winner of the competition, said: “I hope that this milk
powder can drums can help children to learn more about environmental
protection, as we were able to upcycle and reuse with just a little bit of
creativity. The workshop also encourages preservation of earth’s resources
while enhancing family quality time.”

Music Campaign Series Launched Since 2019   Proactively
Promoting Green Living

In order
to promote the integration of environmental protection into everyday life,
Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong launched the Green Music Campaign series first in
2019 which aim to engage kids and parents in a fun way to
recycle/upcycle/repurpose used milk powder cans. The first event was a music
workshop, where children were taught to use the upcycled music drums to play
different kinds of music. The three music workshops have successfully recruited
more than 120 children and parents to participate and shared the fun of music-playing

second year of the Green Music Campaign was moved online. The online workshops first
started with a short tutorial video for parents and children to upcycle milk
powder cans and some household items into musical instruments by themselves.
The tutor then taught some simple songs for the families to perform together at
home. The videos have attracted more than 170,000 views, 360 comments and 324
shares on social media, successfully combined environmental protection and
music again to promote the importance of environmental protection to children
in a fun and engaging way.

Ms. Traci
Chow, Business Executive Officer of Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong, said:
“Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong hopes to develop children’s sense of environmental
protection from an early age through the Green Music Campaign series. The
campaign aims to promote recycling while suggesting a way for children to
upcycle used milk powder cans. We believe in starting small and doing more, while
the easiest ways to do so are to change our everyday habits and reuse, recycle
and even upcycle whenever possible.”

Ms. Connie
Ng, Senior Manager of Charity Services, St. James’ Settlement, said: “For the
first time this year, St. James’ Settlement and Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong
collaborated on the Green Music Workshop which combines and promotes the
concept of treasuring food with upcycling. We are glad to know that many NGO
partners have received overwhelming registrations during the recruitment
process of the workshops. We look forward to continuing to promote green living
and contribute to environmental protection in the coming year!”

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