The TV anime “Kizuna no Allele”, which is part of the project called “Kizuna Ai Anime project” is going to be broadcasted in 2023!

The illustration for this TV Anime by illustrator En Morikura has now been revealed as well!

– I want to be “connected” with you – Connect With You

The information has been revealed!

(1) The title of the TV Anime is called “Kizuna no Allele”!
(2) Broadcasting starts in 2023!
(3) The special illustration which was drawn by En Morikura is now revealed.
(4) The official homepage and Twitter have been released!

Kizuna Ai, who has been a pioneer as a virtual YouTuber, has started an anime project!

Kizuna Ai started her activity as a virtual YouTuber in 2016. She has been active not only as a YouTuber but also appearing for TV programs and commercial videos. She has been approaching all kinds of platforms and always has been challenging new things as a pioneer. Finally, Kizuna Ai is going to do an anime Project!

Kizuna Ai announced her anime project on her final live show called, “hello, world 2022” which was just before an unlimited break from her activities. Now, the details about this anime project have been released.

The title of the TV anime is “Kizuna no Allele”. The TV anime starts in 2023. The specially drawn illustration by En Morikura , who is in charge of the character design for the anime, has been revealed! Please keep checking for the latest information about the anime!

The special illustration has been released on its official website!

The official website of the TV Anime:

Information about “Kizuna no Allele”

The title: Kizuna no Allele
Broadcasting: It starts in 2023.
The official HP of the TV Anime:
The official Twitter: kizunanoallele

Profile of Kizuna Ai

Kizuna Ai is a virtual artist who started being active in December 2016.

She started her activity as a virtual YouTuber to pioneer the message that, “I want to be connected to you”. She has been mainly active as a YouTuber and her YouTube channel called “A.I. Channel” has over 3 million subscribers and her gaming channel called “A.I.Games” has over 1.5 million subscribers.

Her TikTok has over 3 million subscribers and the total number of her followers on SNS are over 10 million people. She is expanding her activities by attending TV programs and commercial videos.

She has now become very popular not only inside Japan but also worldwide. To break through all kinds of difficulties she has been trying her career as a professional artist in the music industry. Now she has been taking a short break to update her work.

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