The World on a Plate at Stonehill’s International Food Fair

Bangalore, 23rd January, 2023: On Saturday, 21st January, the Stonehill International School community munched their way around the world at the School’s annual International Food Fair (IFF). Stonehill parents from twenty five participating countries dished out authentic food, taking visitors on a complete cultural trip with flavourful delicacies from their native countries.

Stonehill’s all-star home chefs created the ultimate gastronomic experience for globetrotting gourmands. They relished cuisines from countries such as Japan, Denmark, Morocco, USA, South Korea, France, UK, Israel, Sweden, India, Germany, Switzerland and Italy, among others. The visitors moved from stall to stall sampling exotic delectables like the Japanese Ume Shiso, Israeli Sabich, Stroopwafel from Netherlands, French Madeleines, German Goulash, Swiss Raclette, Moroccan Zaalouk, and Korean Kimchi Pancakes and Theok Kkochi on skewers, to name a few.

The event began with the customary flag parade carried by students from more than thirty countries represented at Stonehill. There were singing and dancing performances by the students and a live band rocked their way through a fabulous show. The proceeds generated by the IFF will be donated to the Stonehill Government School, a local school adopted by Stonehill in the neighbouring Tarahunise village in Bangalore. The Stonehill PTA in the last few years has contributed sport equipment, books, and also helped build a computer lab. Additionally, Stonehill students also collaborate on many service learning projects with students from the Government School.

Dr.Brian Brumsickle, Head of School, Stonehill International School, commented, “Eating food you enjoy with others fosters connections and builds communities. The IFF is a melting pot of cultures that celebrates Stonehill’s diversity and the best aspects of each other’s cultures through food.”

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