TiE announces TGS 100; an exalting initiative in collaboration with ISB to recognize and accelerate the growth of nascent startups

· Startups worldwide to contend for TiE’s recognition in ‘The Emerging Top 100 Innovators’ Publication

· Indian School of Business to furnish TiE with a contemporary framework to implement the process

Hyderabad, 11 October 2022 – TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs), the internationally prominent NPO devoted to the growth of entrepreneurs, has today announced the TGS100 initiative, which aims to recognize 100 innovative and adept startups from all over the world. The out-of-the box initiative is masterminded in collaboration with ISB (Indian School of Business), which is nationally reputed for its I-Venture initiative that facilitates the conversion of start-ups into profitable entrepreneurial ventures. The announcement foreshadows the upcoming TiE Global Summit being held in Hyderabad, where Mr. K.T. Ramarao, Minister of Industries, Commerce and IT, Telangana Government, as the Grand Keynote Speaker, will divulge the TGS100 champions. TiE Global Summit fuels the organization’s mission of fostering entrepreneurship through mentoring, networking and funding, through the year’s theme of 3.2.1, i.e., Technology 3.0, Entrepreneurship 2.0 and Sustainability 1.0.

The cardinal objective of the initiative is to recognize the startups borne out of unparalleled vision and revolutionary innovation. The eligible and registered startups will be shortlisted and critically vetted by an internationally distinguished jury of successful entrepreneurs and highly sought-after venture capitalists before the official declaration at the TiE Global Summit 2022. With the ingenious framework provided by ISB’s I-Venture, the 100 startups recognized in TGS100 will benefit from prodigious exposure to venture capitalists, angels, and entrepreneurs: online virtual showcasing, technology and business networking.

During the announcement Mr. Raj Samala, TIE Hyderabad Charter Member & Chair for TGS 100 initiative said, “The TiE Global Summit 100 is a critical step towards enabling visionaries lead the revolution towards entrepreneurial empowerment. We aim to identify high-potential startups across the globe and capacitate them with all conceivable platforms for growth. TiE Global Summit 2022 will be a podium for vital identification, discussion, empowerment, and advancement of the next generation of top-tier organizations”.

TGS100 is a unique recognition kickstarted to elevate startup ideas that are scalable, sustainable, and responsible, with a vision to innovative solutions that can solve real world problems. The recognized startups will be published in The Emerging Top 100 Innovators publication, that is circulated worldwide.

Mr. Suresh Raju, President TiE Hyderabad said, “TGS100 is a synergistic dream of the national and international TiE chapters come to life. This is the very first edition of TGS100 and we are immensely proud to share this opportunity with today’s class of ambitious entrepreneurs. We urge them all to partake in TiE Global Summit 2022 and tap into the opportunities for growth”.

TiE Global Summit hosted by the TiE Hyderabad chapter is scheduled from the 12th-14th of December 2022 in Hyderabad. For further information, please visit https://tgs2022.org/

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