Time will come that India will organise the FIFA World Cup: Dr Mohammed Khan

Dr. Mohammed Khan, the President of Khans Media City, who design, print and produce the marketing tools, color theme graphics, official magazine, branding aircraft, vehicle graphics and publicity materials for FIFA World Cups and work as a part of several global organisations to establish World peace and unity, congratulated the World Cup winners.

It was not just an FIFA World Cup final, but a truly edgy game, where the coin was flipping back and forth. It would be remembered as the most wonderful experience that every Football enthusiast ever had. Even when the entire team was giving their best, the whole World was zooming to one pair of legs. One man for whom the whole barmy armies of Argentina prayed for, one man, who had been magnificent in each of his moves and tactics. the captain himself. From that Round of 16 in the 2018 World Cup to holding the World Cup trophy in 2022, “magnificent” would be a small word to name the journey. Heartfelt congratulations to the team and Lionell Messi himself.

Before untying the boots, his team and himself have finally put an end to a nation’s 36 years of waiting!
In a game, giving a tough fight is not lesser than winning as well. Team France have did their part very well here. Well played Team ! And to mention, one man again changed the game for France. Kilian MBappe! What an opposition! Long way to go ! heartiest congratulations on being the runners up.

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