Tinkerly and Dogma Soft Limited Partnered to offer affordable Online Coding Courses for Indian Market

Tinkerly can now offer courses starting at as Rs.50/- in both English and Hindi

· Tinkerly’s presence in India’s most distant regions would be strengthened with this collaboration

· In the following 8 to 10 months, it aims to reach 2 million young people

10/02/22,News Delhi- For as little as INR 50 a session, Tinkerly and Dogma Soft Limited are teaming up to make coding and job training accessible to everyone. Many of the school’s Hindi-medium pupils will be able to take these programmes in both English and Hindi, eliminating the linguistic barrier they previously faced. Through the implementation of this strategy, students from all socioeconomic situations will have access to the opportunity to study and innovate in a language of their choice.

As their network of 1,50,000+ franchisees across 14000+ pin codes in Tier 3 and 4 cities continues to grow, Dogmasoft has revolutionised the banking and non-banking solutions industry. Tinkerly will be able to deliver these cutting-edge courses at an accessible price point in the most remote regions of the country as a result of this relationship. With this, the digital divide in post-COVID education in the country’s tier-three and tier-four cities can be closed. More than 2 million young people will be reached in the next 8-10 months, and they will be prepared for the occupations of tomorrow. There are many benefits for students who get access to technology through Dogma Junctions as a result of this relationship

Commenting on the Partnership, Mr. Sharad Bansal, CEO & Co-founder of Tinkerly, said, “90% private schools in the country have a tuition fee of less than Rs. 1000/- per month. Students who study in these schools can’t afford to spend 5-6 thousand on afterschool learning activities every month. Online classes have broken location barriers but it needs a unique course offering combined with targeted distribution channels to break the cost barriers and eradicate the income-based learning divide among Bharat users. Our partnership with Dogma Soft will help in achieving this goal.”

Commenting on the Partnership, Mr. Pawan Godara, CEO of Dogma Soft Limited, said, “With every passing day, the world has been becoming more and more digital and moving at a very fast pace, and in these circumstances, we cannot let our children from rural areas be left behind due to limited opportunities. When we saw Tinkerly’s coding courses, innovative pedagogy, and appreciation from students then we thought, why not spread these skills and education to the last mile of the country’.”

“There is no dearth of talent in the children of the rural and underserved areas. All they need is an opportunity & platform, which they will get through Dogma-Tinkerly. The STEM Based Education will be provided to these children in a smart way so that they can develop their Logical Power & IQ level simultaneously and they can also serve the nation with their best efforts” Mr. Godara further added.

Objectives of this Partnership

· Dual language Coding + Career courses for students starting at just INR 50 per class.

· Aim to reach 2 million young learners in the next 8-10 months

· Access to Technology and Infrastructure through Dogma Junctions



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