TixiMedia Founder Dalip Singh Shekhawat Talks about What It Takes To Become a Leader in the Digital Marketing Space

The rise of the digital marketing space has enabled many young entrepreneurs to bring new and innovative ideas to propel its growth forward. After trying to set up seven different businesses at different points of time and failing at establishing each one of them, Dalip Singh Shekhawat decided to do something in the digital marketing industry. He had studied the space extensively and believed he could add some value to this space with the kind of expertise and knowledge he had.

Though the failures had taken a toll on his financial health, he decided to pick himself up and give his best shot at setting up a digital marketing company that would challenge existing norms in the industry and offer businesses path-breaking solutions to promote themselves in the online space. His ideas and conviction led to the birth of TixiMedia, a company that is now known as one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the country.

Talking about the success of his company, Shekhawat says, “I have always believed that innovation is the key to standing out in the digital marketing space. Most people try to replicate what others are doing and that’s exactly where they fail. I also failed in my earlier businesses because of different reasons and I made sure that this time, I study the market thoroughly before getting into it. When clients come to TixiMedia, they expect something fresh and different. What we offer, nobody can and that’s exactly what makes us unique. I want my company to become a pioneer in the digital marketing space.”

After acquiring a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Application, Dalip started his career by developing computer and mobile apps. While he had the confidence of his early youth, he lacked the experience to create a success story out of many of the business ventures he tried launching. However, he learnt important lessons from each of his failures and made it a point not to repeat his mistakes. Digital marketing, as it turned out, was the space he was destined to excel in. Apart from being the founder of TixiMedia, he also serves as the director of Henexo Technology And Marketing Private Limited.

“A lot of people get embittered after facing a lot of struggle in their lives. However, I never felt resentful about anything or anybody because of the hardships I had to go through during the early stages of my career. I feel we are responsible for our failure or success and there is no point in blaming anyone. Every time I failed, I introspected and made a note of the mistakes I made. In a lot of ways, I owe my present-day success to the failures I encountered in the past”, says the young entrepreneur.

In today’s times, people are exposed to a lot of information all the time. Companies or brands have multiple options to promote their products and services. From putting together radio spots to paying for print advertisement, companies leave no stone unturned to promote their business. In the last one decade, the digital marketing industry has grown significantly and that has led to many brands channelizing their resources towards being more prominently visible in the online space. Dalip believes that the digital marketing space will dominate other forms of advertising in the near future.

Elaborating on the same, he says, “I see the digital media space growing every single day. One has never witnessed this kind of growth happening in any other medium. With the internet becoming more and more accessible, digital marketing is proving to be the best way for brands to reach out to a larger consumer base. People living in villages never had access to magazines but even the smallest village in India today has 4G connectivity. The internet has already revolutionised the marketing industry and it will grow by leaps and bounds in the times to come”.

As a digital marketing company, TixiMedia is working with several renowned brands and individuals. Apart from helping companies promote their products and services, Dalip Singh Shekhawat and his team, also provide influencer marketing practices. The company is known for its offbeat ideas and breaking the clutter with innovation and thoughtful strategies.

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