Tokyo Chuo Auction Launches New Online Art Business Platform “BiddingArt”, Enabling Users to Navigate the Art Market with One Click

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 14
January 2022 – Tokyo Chuo Auction Holdings Limited (the “Company” or
“Tokyo Chuo Auction”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”, stock code:
1939.HK) announced that the Group, cooperating with multiple art brands, is
launching a new online art business platform “BiddingArt” tomorrow
(15 January). The platform breaks through the boundaries constrained by the COVID-19
pandemic, displays the new artworks of local Japanese artists for global art
lovers, and provides an art purchase channel without limitation of place.

“BiddingArt” is currently the
only online business platform in Japan that promotes original artworks. The Company
connects high-quality artworks with global art lovers by regularly excavating
local original handcrafts and art brands. Users of “BiddingArt” will be able to
explore different types of art stores ranging from traditional handcrafts to
contemporary art on the platform without restriction of place. Users can also directly
search for and bid for their favorite artworks, receive the latest art information,
participate in online guided tours, join limited-time auctions, and even watch
live art festivals across Japan.

Currently, the platform has established
cooperation with several brands from “Yahoo Japan”, including various
time-honored brands as well as innovative brands. In the coming future, with an
aim to make contributions to the development of Japanese and even global art
market, the Company will continue to search for original handcrafts from all
over Japan, cooperate with independent artists, host art exhibitions, implement
public education, and support art publishing, etc. through the “BiddingArt”
platform, so that more preeminent artworks can be discovered.

Mr. Ando Shokei, Chairman of Tokyo
Chuo Auction, said, “Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have
actively explored and developed online auction platform, which has achieved
decent results and enabled the Group to record positive profit. The launch of
our new online business platform will make
art lovers and collectors around the world to participate in the search,
auction, live broadcast and exhibition of artworks anytime and anywhere. We
believe this will help facilitate the growth of the Company’s business and further
raise our brand awareness. Looking ahead, we will continue to stick to our
original intention and strive to promote high-quality artworks to each of our

Business Scope of “BiddingArt”

  • Online
    Auctions: regularly host auctions for different art stores and special online
    limited-time auctions
  • Online
    Shop Direct Purchase: offer direct online store purchase and global  delivery service
  • Exhibition
    Live Broadcast: organize live broadcast of art exhibitions and art festivals
    all over Japan, which users can watch without restriction of place
  • Online
    Shopping Guide: provide online expert-guided tours on selected artworks,
    allowing users to place an order at any time
  • Educational
    Publishing: host public education activities from time to time, and issue art
    publications for stakeholders in need
  • Private
    Purchasing Advice: assist buyers to search for specific collections, helping them
    find their favorite items at any time
  • Art
    Appraisal: provide professional art appraisal services for various treasures

Simple and Convenient One-click Registration

The “BiddingArt” online
platform supports most digital devices, allowing users to browse 24 hours a day
and easily bid for their favorite artworks. The registration process is as simple
as follows:

More information about BiddingArt

Enquiries: Hong Kong +852 2805 9016 | Tokyo +81 3-3564-3321

Email: [email protected]


WeChat: BIDDINGART | IG: bidding_art | Facebook: Bidding Art

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