Top 10 Brands: Here are some Premium Smart TVs for you to buy.

Top 10 Brands: After a long day of laborious work, everyone needs to unwind or brighten their mood, and watching TV is one of the finest possibilities. As technology developed, you could see TV with a lot of features like smart TV, 4K TVs, and more for fantastic display quality, and it has become one of the internal aspects of every home. Dolby audio is now a standard feature on modern TVs, giving you the feeling that you are watching in your own private theatre.

You can choose from a variety of the best TVs that are offered in India right here. The best 10 4K, LED, QLED, and smart TVs are impressive to watch and packed with the newest features. With this list, you’ll find it simpler to select the best television for your home entertainment.

Blaupunkt QLED with Google TV

With its 360-degree surround sound, the Blaupunkt Google TV transforms your living space into a home theatre. Far Field Voice Control with Google Assistant is another feature that enables you to control and turn on your TV using voice commands.

The Blaupunkt Google QLED TV is one step ahead of any other entertainment box, allowing users to navigate and quickly select their favorite trending movies and shows depending on their watching preferences. An entirely new user interface that unifies all aspects of the smart experience onto a single, uncomplicated home screen is provided by Google TV and its voice assistant feature. A 4K display with 1.1 billion colors, HDR 10+, a 60-watt Dolby stereo box speaker with four mounted speakers, and DTS TruSurround sound with Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Digital Plus are all included with each set. All of the models feature beautiful Allow stand, Bezel-less, and Air Slim designs. Moreover, it offers Dual Band WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, and Google TV with Voice Assistant. The 50-inch and 55-inch QLED models have a brightness of 550 nits, while the 65-inch models have a stunning brightness of 600 nits.

OnePlus U Series TV

The 55-inch display on the OnePlus U series runs Android 10. The item has a 4K UHD display with more than 1 billion colors, allowing you to view content in a variety of vivid resolutions. Moreover, an HDR 10+ resolution, a beautiful picture, and motion quality are included. This 55-inch TV enriches the atmosphere and blends in beautifully with your home’s decor. In addition, you get 30 watts of Dolby Audio stereo speakers with Dynaudio, Kids mode, gaming mode, Google Assistant, hands-free voice control, and support for the OnePlus connect 2.0 app.

VU GloLED Series 4K Smart LED Google TV

VU With an OLED-like display resolution and an LED panel, the GloLED series boasts a distinctive display. It improves this 55-inch TV’s characteristics all around. With a color gamut of roughly 94%, the GloLED outperforms LCDs in terms of resolution. The television has a Glo AI Processor, which improves your viewing experience and expands the color gamut of OTT platforms. This 55-inch TV has 104 watts of the sound output (4 speakers and 1 subwoofer) for the best surround sound and bass. A refresh rate of 60 Hz is included, along with a variety of viewing options. Moreover, you receive an ActiVoice Remote control and limitless OTT support.

Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV

The ideal display resolution is available to you with the Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. Moreover, 4K HDR and 4K X Reality Pro guarantee that you receive the best possible picture and motion quality. This 55-inch television offers a sound output of 20 watts and a 60 Hz refresh rate. An Open Baffle speaker, Dolby Audio, and Clear Phase technology are included in the audio system. Moreover, you get built-in support for Voice, the Google ecosystem, OTT access, Chromecast, and Apple HomeKit.


Use the LG UHD TV for the best possible movie viewing experience and vivid images. This TV boasts a UHD 4K resolution display to provide you a realistic visual quality and bright colors. This TV already has streaming services loaded, so you can quickly browse through your favorite content whenever you want. Whether you’re playing an adventure or action-packed game, the Game Optimiser, Gaming Dashboard, and HGiG technologies can make your gaming experience swift and faultless.

Hisense Tornado Google TV

The Hisense Tornado 2.0 series boasts a stunning 102-watt sound output and 4K HDR display quality. This 55-inch TV supports HDR 10+ resolution, providing Dolby Vision-Atmos-certified images with sharp picture clarity. You also receive the JBL 6-speaker system, which is renowned for its superior audio and bass-boost quality.

Redmi 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

An Alexa support system is included in the Redmi TV. The system’s 4K LED panel frame and Dolby Vision are meant to give viewers the best HDR 10+ quality possible. The Vivid Image engine gives the visuals more depth, which improves the viewing experience. Dolby Audio and DTS Virtual X audio are supported by this 55-inch TV’s 30 watts of sound output. In addition, you get 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports for a better connectivity system, Chromecast, OTT compatibility, Kids mode, Bluetooth connectivity version 5.0, and more.

Westinghouse Pi Series TV

The best affordable and fully equipped HD Ready TV is the 32-inch The best affordable and fully equipped HD Ready TV is the 32-inch This TV qualifies as a high-end TV in the online retail industry thanks to its 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. To provide a genuine and immersive experience with deep surround sound, this model contains a Digital Noise Filter, 2 speakers with Box Speaker, Surround Sound, and a 30-watt speaker output that supports Digital Audio Output of Coaxial technology.

Blaupunkt 3in1 Series TV

Blaupunkt TV, an audio-visual company with roots in Germany that has been around for more than a century, has added a 24-inch Smart Premium TV to its lineup in India. Customers of Blaupunkt can purchase the recently released 24-inch, 3-in-1 model. Turn your time spent working, watching, and binge-watching into more with only one device to get the 3-in-1 experience. You can use the TV as a monitor, enjoy smart features, and watch television on it.

Acer I Series Android Smart LED TV

For this 55-inch TV model, the Acer I series provides 4K Ultra HD visual quality with a refresh rate of 60 Hz, resulting in a fluid, fast interface. Also, the display has over 1.07 billion colors and MEMC technology, which adds contrast to the resolution and eliminates lag in the video quality. Other features that give the display technology an edge include HDR 10+, UHD upscaling, a wide color gamut, and an eye-comfort feature. The 55-inch TV also has a 64-bit Quad processor and a 30-watt sound output, making it a brand of 55-inch TV that is reasonably priced.

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